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We handle cases across the United States. Allen Stewart is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona.

Personal Injury Attorneys

Dallas Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury claim may arise when you are injured, either physically or in some cases emotionally, by the negligence or the intentional act of another. When corporations and other parties fail to treat others respectfully, innocent people suffer injury and life-altering loss.


People suffer injuries every day due to a wide variety of circumstances. Most are relatively minor, requiring little or no medical attention. However, there are situations when the injuries are far worse, creating hardship, pain and suffering. Your injuries can change you and your family’s life in the blink of an eye. You may be unable to work or enjoy the activities you once did. If that happens to you or a loved one, we want to hear from you because we want to help.


The personal injury lawyers of Allen Stewart, P.C. are ready to help. We firmly believe that victims of negligence should get the full compensation they deserve for their physical, emotional, and financial misfortune. If you or a loved one has been badly hurt by the reckless choices of another individual or entity, we will fight for you. The personal injury attorneys at Allen Stewart, P.C. are here to help. For a free consultation please contact us or call our offices today at 866-440-2460.


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