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Dallas-Based Attorneys Defend Clients from Predatory Companies

The attorneys at Allen Stewart, P.C. have dedicated their careers to representing people harmed by the negligent or malicious acts of big companies.

Our Texas lemon law attorneys have years of experience representing consumers who unknowingly purchased defective vehicles and helping them get the compensation they deserve. Auto manufacturers inadvertently build thousands of defective vehicles each year, many of which end up in dealerships. Allen Stewart, P.C. fights for clients in and out of court to get them the relief and compensation they deserve.

Allen Stewart, P.C.’s team of lemon law attorneys will pursue your claim with dogged determination, from the moment you call us to the moment your claim resolves. When you first call, our experts will ask for your vehicle’s make and model as well as what problems you are experiencing. If our experts determine your warranty has been breached, our attorneys will ask for relevant documents, registration proof and repair records. If you and the attorney agree on likely outcomes, you sign on and the attorney will begin aggressively pursuing your claim.
Our attorneys will contact your vehicle’s manufacturer and aggressively advocate for you, potentially resolving the issue without going to court. However our lemon lawyers are more than ready and willing to fight for your rights in a courtroom. Our lemon law lawyers have won judgements against manufacturers large and small in court thanks to their knowledge of the new car lemon law.
We stay in touch throughout the process, informing you of any settlement offers or rejections thereof. Lemon law lawyer Andrew Ross with Allen Stewart P.C. says more than 90 percent of lemon law claims resolve without going to trial.

Allen Stewart, P.C. also has combined decades of experience representing those who develop cancer due to toxic exposures. Our occupational cancer advocates prosecute misbehavior of big corporations when their conduct causes others to contract cancer.

The law firm also provides bankruptcy and financial distress services. In addition to helping our clients file for bankruptcy, our bankruptcy division can help negotiate with creditors, reach settlements with the IRS, address ongoing lawsuits, and help with wage garnishment. Contact Allen Stewart, P.C. and begin taking the first step back to financial security.

The lemon law attorneys of Allen Stewart, P.C. have decades of experience going toe-to-toe with automobile manufacturers, forcing them to abide by the strictures of new car lemon laws. Regardless of where you live or where you bought your vehicle, our lemon lawyers use superseding federal laws forcing automakers to repair or replace defective vehicles, or compensate their owners. Our attorneys take your information and documentation, crafting a case and presenting it to the automaker.

Auto manufacturers will often refuse to take a consumer seriously until they retain an attorney’s services. Signing on with Allen Stewart, P.C. shows that you are committed to seeing your case through to the very end, and our lemon law attorneys will stand by you every step of the way. Our lawyers work fervently on your behalf regardless of the size or prestige of the company in question; they have stood against giants in the courtroom and come away victorious.

Why Choose Us?

Experience. Commitment. Passion.

These three words describe the attorneys at Allen Stewart, P.C. and the qualities we bring to each client’s case. These words resonate in the results we’ve achieved for our clients and the personal care and attention we give each and every person we have the honor to serve.

Our commitment and our passion are reflected in our track record: our individual attorneys have collectively amassed an impressive list of honors and recognitions. Al Stewart was named one of the Most Successful Young Litigators in America by The National Law Journal.

At Allen Stewart, P.C., you are doing more than hiring a law firm to represent you in your fight. You are building a relationship with a close-knit, dedicated team of professionals whose mission is to achieve the justice you deserve. We deeply value our relationships with our clients and the faith and trust they have put in us. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality legal services we can while always respecting and honoring each client as the unique person they are.

It is a privilege to serve you and your family in your fight for justice. We thank you for your confidence in Allen Stewart, P.C.

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Allen Stewart is not afraid of big business. We take our mission statement seriously, “passionate about defending the rights of people harmed by others.” Our lemon law attorneys in Texas are here to help you by dealing directly with vehicle manufacturers on your behalf. If you think you have a lemon vehicle, contact us today.

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