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Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

Allen Stewart, PC helps people in the midst of financial crisis get from seemingly the worst days to better days. Depending on a client’s situation, income, type of debt, and the type of relief needed, our firm can file bankruptcies under Chapter 7, 13, and 11.


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Since bankruptcy is just one of the tools a client may need, we offer other financial distress services including: negotiations with creditors; reaching settlement with the IRS; addressing ongoing lawsuits, garnishment, or monetary judgements; recovering from a medical issue or the loss of a loved one; dealing with being behind on your home or car; business failure or a job loss.


We have experience assessing each client’s unique needs and tailoring solutions for his/her financial situation to resolve their issues and relieve stress. By reaching out to us, you’re taking the first step to getting your financial life back on track and finding a clear path to the future.


Many people simply don’t realize how common their problem is, or what rights are available to them. One in five Americans will file bankruptcy at least once in their lifetime. By retaining counsel and filing for bankruptcy, we can stop creditors from harassing you and give you time to breathe and find your financial footing again. Your first call starts with a discussion and investigation into the challenges you face, and that first call is entirely free.


Numerous routes are available to address a client’s needs, and we can help determine the best option for your unique situation. If you are struggling financially but are questioning whether you should talk to an attorney, give us a call. We offer free consultations with a bankruptcy attorney and would love to speak with you.


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