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SAPD Busts Street Racers

The San Antonio Police Department cracked down on illegal street racing on March 4, 2018, arresting 14 people including a mother with three children in the car.

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FOX 29 reported San Antonio police officials said the area of Southeast Military between Interstate 37 and Brooks City Base was targeted for the enforcement action because of numerous complaints from residents and businesses in the area.

Police arrested 14 people ranging in age from 17 to 35. Six of those were arrested for racing, seven for reckless driving, and one woman was arrested for three counts of endangering a child as she allegedly had three children in the car. All 14 arrested had their vehicles towed.

“They are putting the lives of our public at risk, they are putting their own lives at risk as well,” said Officer Doug Greene with the San Antonio Police Department.

Business owners along this stretch of road told FOX 29 street racing plagued the area for years.

“It’s always been down Military for the past maybe 15, 20 years and sometimes it doesn’t get this bad, but last night it got pretty bad,” said Orange Leaf employee Brandon Gonzalez.

Police officials and business owner said dozens of cars meet up in parking lots throughout the city before beginning their races for the evening.

“We have always tried doing something about it, we used to call the cops ourselves, but to a point they couldn’t do anything yet, because they weren’t really doing anything illegal, but now it’s getting to a point that its public disturbance,” said Gonzalez.

Party Plus owner Thomas Gutierrez expressed his gratitude to police for cracking down on racing.

“I am not a big fan of the whole racing concept, but I know a lot of people are, I just feel a lot of people drink and drive and they are racing, so I am glad the cops are on top of that,” Gutierrez said.

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