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We can help if your vehicle model year is 

2013 or newer and under warranty; 

AND either:

1. It has been repaired at least 3 times for the same problem; OR 

2. it has been in the dealership for repair at least 2 weeks.

If your vehicle meets these above requirements, please 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our lawyers have helped hundreds of clients

We will fight for you

We are not afraid of big defendants. We can, and will, take them to court 

A federal law allows us to seek our attorneys fees directly from the vehicle manufacturers if we prevail.

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Is My Vehicle Covered By Laws That Entitle Recovery?

What Vehicles Are Covered?

It will vary from client to client. After a 100% free consultation (if your vehicle qualifies), we will be able to offer more advice.

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How Can Your Legal Services Be 100% Free?

Good question! If your vehicle is 2013 or newer, the following may be eligible:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats

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