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Ohio New Car Lemon Law - Resources

Ohio New Car Lemon Law

Overview of Ohio New Car Lemon Law

Ohio New Car Lemon Law is designed to protect consumers who purchase new vehicles that fail to meet quality and performance standards. This law provides a legal remedy for purchasers of new cars that turn out to be defective, commonly known as "lemons." At Allen Stewart, P.C., we are committed to aiding clients through the complexities of Lemon Law, ensuring they receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

Eligibility Requirements for Ohio New Car Lemon Law

Criteria for Eligibility: For your vehicle to be considered under Ohio's Lemon Law, several conditions must be met. The defect must substantially impair the use, value, or safety of the vehicle, and the first attempt to repair the defect must occur within the first year of ownership or 18,000 miles, whichever comes first. Additionally, the manufacturer or its authorized agent must be unable to fix the defect after a reasonable number of attempts, typically three or more, or the vehicle must be out of service for repairs for a total of 30 or more calendar days.

Rights of Consumers Under Ohio New Car Lemon Law

As a consumer, you have specific rights under the Ohio Lemon Law. These include the right to a replacement vehicle or a full refund of the purchase price if your car meets the lemon criteria. Additionally, you do not have to pay for the legal fees associated with your claim, as these are often recoverable from the manufacturer as part of your settlement.

Steps to Take if You Have a Lemon Car in Ohio

Immediate Actions: If you believe your new car is a lemon, it is crucial to document all repairs and issues. Notify the manufacturer in writing of the defects and allow them a reasonable opportunity to repair the vehicle. If the issues persist, it may be time to pursue a Lemon Law claim.

Legal Remedies Available Under Ohio New Car Lemon Law

Ohio Lemon Law provides for two primary remedies: replacement of the defective vehicle or a refund. The choice between these remedies depends on your preference as the consumer. Additional compensation may be available for costs related to the purchase and usage of the lemon vehicle, such as sales tax, registration fees, and finance charges.

How to File a Lemon Law Claim in Ohio

To initiate a lemon law claim in Ohio, you should first gather all necessary documentation, including repair orders and correspondence with the manufacturer. Then, consult with a specialized attorney to assess your case and guide you through the legal process. At Allen Stewart, P.C., our experienced team is ready to help you file your claim and navigate the legal proceedings to seek the justice you deserve.

Difference Between Ohio Lemon Law and Federal Lemon Law

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a federal law that complements state lemon laws by covering vehicles that might not fall under state-specific lemon criteria. Unlike Ohio's Lemon Law, which specifically addresses new cars, Magnuson-Moss provides broader protection for consumers, applying to both new and used vehicles as well as other consumer products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ohio New Car Lemon Law

  • What is a "reasonable number of attempts" to fix a defect? In Ohio, this is generally considered three or more attempts for the same defect without success, or the vehicle being out of service for 30 or more cumulative days.
  • Do I need an attorney to file a lemon law claim? While not required, having an experienced lemon law attorney can significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome. Attorneys can navigate the legal complexities and negotiate with manufacturers on your behalf.
  • How long do I have to file a claim? You should file your claim as soon as possible, but the specific statute of limitations in Ohio requires that you file within one year after the express warranty term expires or within two years following the vehicle’s delivery, whichever occurs first.

At Allen Stewart, P.C., we understand the frustration and inconvenience of purchasing a lemon. Our dedicated team is here to support and represent you throughout the entire legal process. With a focus on integrity, commitment, and expertise, we strive to ensure that you receive the justice and compensation you are entitled to. If you believe you have a lemon vehicle, contact us today to explore your legal options.

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