Vehicle Lemon Law
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Vehicle Lemon Law

When people realize they have bought a defective car, whether new or used, such a car can be regarded as a lemon car. If you own a lemon vehicle on your hands, the chances are high that you want to fix the problem as soon as possible. However, if you are unfortunate enough to own a lemon car, it is important that you are aware of the mistakes often made by people that own lemon cars. These mistakes can cost you a lot, especially when you are looking to file a claim.

Failure To Get Written Service Reports

One of the most important pieces of evidence required in any lemon law case is the service report. Generally, the service report includes the dates the car is in and out of service, mileage of the car, the repair attempt, and the customer complaint. Sure, many times, the rep or service technician may write "unable to duplicate customer concern" on the service report; at least, this includes complaints in the documents.

Failure To Keep Copies Of Your Paperwork

A common mistake most people that own lemon cars make is that they fail to keep a file about their car so that they can refer to it if they ever need to file a vehicle lemon law claim. One of the easiest ways to prove a lemon case for your car is to rely on the paperwork you collected from the dealerships about the purchase of your car, its features, the invoice, warranties, and repair orders that document routine maintenance done on the car. If you don't have this paperwork, you might find it difficult to prove that you have a good case for a lemon car replacement or refund.

Selling the Lemon Car

A common mistake many people with lemon cars make is to sell or trade their car out of frustration, even before the case has been resolved. If you do that, it can work in the carmaker or dealer's favor as they can claim that you have damaged the car beyond repair. So, it is best to wait until a decision or solution has been reached before deciding to sell or trade your lemon car.

Identify the Problem

If you think there is a noise coming from the front tire or engine of your car, don't try to identify the location. Simply tell the service department that there is a noise in the front of your car. Why? If you inform the service department that there is a noise in the front tire and it later turns out to be coming from the engine, this will take longer for you to qualify for lemon law claims.

Not Hiring a Consumer Rights Lawyer

The lemon law recommends hiring a lemon law attorney. The law expressly requires lawyer fees to be paid by the automaker. An experienced lemon lawyer can successfully contact the automaker and help you get the compensation you deserve for your claim. And in the case the automakers refuse to compensate you for your claim, the vehicle lemon law attorney can file a lawsuit seeking damages.

Allen Stewart has arbitrated, settled, and litigated many lemon laws claims to date, recovering millions of dollars for our clients. Contact our lemon law experts for free lemon law consultation.

Vehicle Lemon Law

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