Used Car Lemon Law Texas
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Used Car Lemon Law Texas

Consumer Guide: Used Car Lemon Law in Texas

Do you have a used car that badly needed repair but you are wondering if it still qualifies as a lemon? Going back to the definition of a lemon, it pertains to vehicles with many manufacturing flaws which may affect its safety, value, and utility. You may file a complaint and receive compensation, but only under certain circumstances.

Lemon Car Eligibility

A used vehicle will qualify as lemon if the attempt for repairs happened within the first two years or after running not more than 12,000 miles. There should be a single defect that cannot be fixed after four repairs. Used car lemon law will still be applicable as long as the vehicle is manufactured not earlier than 2014.

In most circumstances, these refer to substantial flaws covered by warranty. When you have questions regarding used car lemon law, you may have a free consultation with Allen Stewart. Our team of licensed lawyers for used car lemon law in Texas offers a variety of areas, such as bankruptcy, fraud, personal injury, and lemon law.

The first step in complaining is by going to the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state and filing a complaint along with the necessary fee. After filing a complaint with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the manufacturer should be given a last chance to fix the defect. The department now has an online complaint system which makes the complaint process faster.

The Lemon Law section has staff and advisors assigned to review the case. They will attempt to solve the issue by mediating the parties involved. The final written decision should not be made more than 60 days after the close of the hearing. Given that the aggrieved party won the case, the manufacturer should provide compensation in the form of a refund, cash, or replacement.

What to Do If My Car is Not a Lemon?

For vehicles that no longer qualify, the owners may review the Truth in Lending Act. It may be able to provide in recovering damages and might help in paying for repairs. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act applies to all states. This allows consumers and lawyers have the tools they need to continue legal remedies and receive compensation for their lemon vehicle.

When It's Time to Seek A Lawyer's Help

A licensed attorney will be the one dealing directly with the manufacturer. An attorney can also strengthen your case if you think you have a lemon vehicle. It is different for every state but the goal is to protect consumers from defective vehicles. We are one of the professional corporations in Texas dedicated to helping consumers get the compensations they deserve.

Allen Stewart will be able to give you the justice you are entitled to regarding used car lemon law in Texas. A defective vehicle may cause one's life because it can have a huge impact on the rider's safety. Our team of licensed attorneys can help if the aggrieved party is not satisfied with the final order of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Give us a call at 214-965-8700.

Used Car Lemon Law Texas

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Used Car Lemon Law Texas Used Car Lemon Law Texas
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