Texas Used Car Lemon Law
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Texas Used Car Lemon Law

Texas Used Car Lemon Law - What are the Things You Need to Know

The State of Texas provides the Lemon Law to regulate and protect purchase of vehicles. The law requires motor vehicle's manufacturers to allow replacement or repurchase of the unrepairable vehicle after repair efforts were made by the dealer.

If you have a used vehicle or a "lemon vehicle" and need assistance, we at Allen Stewart has lemon law attorneys that can help you with your vehicle concerns. The texas used car lemon law will cover a substantial defect that affected the performance of the vehicle.

What is a Lemon Law?
The Lemon law can assist you if you have repeated vehicular problems or issues that limit your vehicle to operate the way it should be. It also covers purchasing a used vehicle that develops a condition or defect that impairs its usage. The Texas Lemon Law requires you to give the manufacturer enough opportunities to repair and fix the vehicle's problem before you are allowed to file a complaint under the assistance of the lemon law.

Purchasing a Used Vehicle
Buying a second-hand or used vehicle is an ideal option for those who choose to save extra bucks compared to buying a brand new motor vehicle. However, the lemon law is likely to cover used vehicles only under some warranty coverage.

Used cars are known to have a higher candidacy for the lemon law, generally, the law mainly covers vehicles that are newly purchased.
The law has a few exceptions; If the vehicle still comes with a balance of warranty from the manufacturer, a separate warranty from the dealer, an extended service warranty, and service contract added to the purchased vehicle by the dealer.

Some of the used vehicles are certified and sold with warranty by the dealer, extending the vehicles existing warranty, or another added dealer's service warranty. The exceptions mentioned may get your used vehicle a chance for a federal lemon law to be applied.

Finding the Right Lawfirm
Most of the law firm you go to will require a vehicles manufacturer's warranty that is still in place. If you purchase a used car or vehicle, you will be notified of the remaining warranty from the car's manufacturer if there is any. However, there are used vehicles with no warranties included, and its always up to the consumer if the risks involved are worth taking.

The attorneys at Allen Stewart are dedicated to providing help and representing oppressed individual by the malicious and negligent act by the big companies. We also have dedicated Texas used car lemon law attorneys that will help clients and deals directly with the manufacturers. We strive to provide a less-stressful adversary that our client has to deal with.

Also, our lawyers can seek their professional fees charged to the manufacturer using the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This will provide you to obtain legal counseling effectively without the need to pay the lawyer fees using your own money. Here with us, It will be a privilege to serve you and your family as we fight for justice together.

Texas Used Car Lemon Law

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Texas Used Car Lemon Law Texas Used Car Lemon Law
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