Texas Lemon Law Used Vehicles
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We handle cases across the United States. Allen Stewart is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona.

Texas Lemon Law Used Vehicles

Legal Counsel for Texas Lemon Law Used Vehicles, Effective at Allen Stewart, P.C.

When it comes to Texas lemon law used vehicles, you will need a legal service from an expert and experienced lemon law attorney at Allen Stewart, P.C. We are a small but confident law firm that takes pride in providing our clients like you the attentive, prompt, and personal services you require. Our teams of attorneys have devoted their careers to stand and fight for people like you who have been hurt by malicious acts or negligence of huge companies.

If you have innocently bought a vehicle with a substantial defect, we will represent you in and even outside of court and will get you the relief and compensation you deserve.

How Lemon Law Works

Allen Stewart, P.C. is not scared of huge companies. We are committed to defending people's rights, especially when hurt by others. Our Texas lemon law attorneys will directly deal with the manufacturers of your vehicle on your behalf.

When your vehicle is substantially defective, its operation, safety or value, such as steering or faulty brakes is affected. Meanwhile, defects such as door handles or radio dials are deemed "minor defects" which lemon law does not cover. Substantial defects in state law are often referred to as "nonconformities" since they prevent a vehicle from warranty-conforming. If lots of vehicles share similar substantial defects, a recall of those vehicles may voluntarily be done by the manufacturer. Sometimes, the recall is mandated by the federal government.

Before considering your defective vehicle a lemon, you must first let the manufacturer or its representatives fix the defect in a number of reasonable attempts. Lemon Laws get to cover a steering or brake system problem if, after several tries, they remained unfixed and still are affecting the value or use of your vehicle. Lemon law also kicks in when your vehicle has stayed in a repair shop for fixing for over 14 days.

How Can We Be Of Help

If your Texas lemon law used vehicles meet the requirements of your state, you are given the right to either a car replacement from the company, a loss in your car's value, or a refund. Getting your relief is a process that varies by state, however, it all begins with informing the manufacturer of your vehicle's defect. If the law in your state can't save you, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act offers additional remedies for consumers like you.

The attorneys of lemon law at Allen Stewart, P.C. will directly deal with your vehicle's manufacturer in so doing lessens your stress in such circumstances. The Warranty Act mentioned will also permit our attorneys to ask fees straight from the manufacturer, allowing you to acquire expert legal counsel without paying us directly from your pocket.

Do You Want Our Service?

Call us now at Allen Stewart, P.C. 866-440-2460 and get the effective help and justice you deserve. You can also visit us at www.allenstewart.com for more of the services that we provide. If you still have concerns, you can instantly talk with our agents online just by clicking "start chat" on our website. Get a free consultation. Call now.

Texas Lemon Law Used Vehicles

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Texas Lemon Law Used Vehicles Texas Lemon Law Used Vehicles
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