Texas lemon law new car
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Texas lemon law new car

Texas lemon law protects consumers from purchasing defective products. Vehicles are dangerous when built defectively. Hidden dangers pose a serious risk of injury to you and the people near you. If you suspect that your new or recently purchased new car is experiencing serious problems, the law offices of Allen Stewart can help you get back on the road.

What is a lemon?

Lemons are sour and defective vehicles are a major problem. Any vehicle that runs improperly from the manufacturer or that was repaired ineffectively in a manner that violates state law is a lemon.

Issues are not minor. Improper airbag deployment, steering problems, and the inadvertent capability to catch fire all create significant risks for everyone on the road. The state and department of motor vehicles try to keep used vehicles with issues from driving by declaring them unroadworthy.

Can a used vehicle be a lemon?

Many states protect purchasers of both new and used vehicles. While manufacturing defects affect only one percent of cars, a statistic that may be low due to the lack of a reporting requirement, used cars are considerably more likely to be defective.

In Texas, cars with high mileage or that are too old to qualify are not covered but still cannot skirt the law. The Truth in Lending Act applies when a salesman fails to disclose significant problems with your purchase. However, the state lemon law does not apply.

Texas lemon law for a new car

Texas seeks to ensure that new cars are defect-free. Cars and trucks suffering from multiple repair attempts within a limited time are subject to this regulation. The state considers the number of repairs, the severity of the defect, and hazard presented when making a consideration.

New cars that are consistently in need of repair may be defective. Still, it is not unusual for a car or truck to require regular maintenance, especially if under considerable strain. Frequent trips, modification, or other factors may contribute to an issue.

Can I recover the cost of my defective car?

Texas law grants several remedies if your vehicle is a lemon. Refunds, replacements, and cash get you back to driving.

A lawyer will help you to determine which course of action is appropriate and the desired outcome. From 1988 to 1997 the Texas Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicle Division acted on a percentage of complaints received. Your lawyer will help you determine which law applies to your case for the best possible outcome.

Using the Texas lemon law for a new car

The law offices of Allen Stewart offer effective outcomes over many areas of practice. Our victories in the motor vehicle and pharmaceutical space give our attorneys an edge in handling cases for our clients. We work hard to ensure that you are made whole.

If you are constantly in the shop, you may own a lemon. Get in touch with our expert legal team today to find out if your situation is remediable. We are here to help.

Texas lemon law new car

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Texas lemon law new car Texas lemon law new car
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