Texas Lemon Law For Used Cars
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Texas Lemon Law For Used Cars

Like new vehicles, there is also lemon law for used cars in Texas. The aim of the Texas Lemon Law for used cars is to protect consumers against purchasing defective vehicles. At Allen Stewart, P.C, our attorneys have devoted their careers towards representing consumers harmed by the careless or malicious acts of these big car companies, dealers, and auto manufacturers. We are always ready to dedicate every available resource at our disposal to help you recover a just compensation after purchasing a defective used vehicle.

How Does Texas Lemon Law for Used Cars Work?

The Lemon Law for used cars in Texas cover used cars provided such cars were covered under a certain kind of warranty. In case the new owner of the care has received an express written warranty along with the used car, the Texas Lemon Law will cover the used car.

Express written warranties can include separate limited warranty offered by the car dealer or balance of a manufacturer's warranty. It can also be a service contract or extended warranty which is purchased from the car dealer when the vehicle was purchased.

What's more, car dealers usually certify some used vehicles. This helps to extend the current warranty of the used vehicle. It can also create an additional short warranty on the car. If the used car has such a warranty, it will help recover your claim if you discover that the care is defective after the purchase.

How Can We Help You Through The Entire Lemon Law Process

Some states have consumer protection statutes which forbid deceptive acts during the sale of used vehicles. These laws usually require that the car dealer provide adequate and honest answers to all the questions of the buyer. In case your car meets all requirements of the Texas Lemon Law for used cars, you will be entitled to compensation. This can be a refund or replacement of the car by the manufacturer or dealer.

Our Texas Lemon Law attorneys at Allen Stewart, P.C, possess a deep understanding of the Texas Lemon Law for used cars. For several years, our attorneys have been representing consumers who mistakenly purchased used vehicles that turn out defective. By making use of our experience and understanding of the Texas Lemon Law, we will help you get a substantial compensation.

Our lemon law attorneys will help you by dealing directly with the car dealer or manufacturer on your behalf. This will help reduce the burden and stress that usually accompany such adversarial situations. Our attorneys at Allen Stewart, P.C. will defend you strongly in and out of court to help you get the relief and compensation you deserve.

Receive Legal Representation without Paying

What's more, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act offers the lawyer the opportunity to collect their charges directly from the manufacturer. Hence, you can obtain effective legal representation without having to worry about paying our attorney from your pocket. The car dealer will be responsible for our attorney's charges.

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Did you accidentally purchase a defective used car? Contact us today at the law offices of Allen Stewart, P.C. Our lemon law attorneys in Texas are always ready to help.

Texas Lemon Law For Used Cars

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Texas Lemon Law For Used Cars Texas Lemon Law For Used Cars
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