Texas Bankruptcy Attorney
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Texas Bankruptcy Attorney

Allen Stewart is a seasoned Texas bankruptcy attorney and the primary attorney at Allen Stewart P.C. Our law firm primarily serves the DFW Metroplex; anywhere around Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding communities. The kinds of cases we typically handle are consumer bankruptcy cases, meaning Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Allen Stewart is a reputed name in legal circles and courthouses throughout DFW.

Get Rid of Your Debt

The main benefit of bankruptcy is getting rid of unsecured debt. There are other types of debt, such as being delinquent on a house or car, where eliminating the debt altogether and keeping the asset may not be possible. But, we have tools within the bankruptcy laws that allow our clients to get caught up on their house and car payments and avoid losing them if they're able and willing to stay current on their payments.

When a client comes to Allen Stewart P.C. with a serious financial problem, the most important thing for a lot of people is to save their homes. If you're getting ready to lose your home, you're probably experiencing a lot of stress. Starting the conversation with an experienced Texas bankruptcy lawyer like Allen Stewart is the first step to removing that stress. Bankruptcy allows us to stop foreclosures and set up a plan to make good on the arrears over a three to five-year period.

Get a Fresh Start by Contacting a Qualified Texas Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy also helps with credit card type-debt like payday loans and car title loans, which can be quite a burden! A lot of times we see people who grow accustomed to carrying these burdens for years like a large tumor growing out of their necks. Often, people don't even realize how much their debt problems are affecting them until they're removed. Allen Stewart P.C. is a competent Texas bankruptcy attorney who can help you experience what it's like to have a normal life again!

Just about everyone who is getting into consumer debt is right on the edge, and it doesn't take much to tip them over. It could be a medical problem/emergency, divorce, or job loss. Sometimes, the interest on credit cards ends up chewing the consumer up, and the individual can't do much more than make their regular monthly payments. When interest on debt builds up to where you can only afford to make the monthly payments and nothing else, you could wind up making these payments consistently for years but not get out from under them! If that's you, it's time for a fresh start!

Get a Knowledgeable Texas Bankruptcy Attorney on Your Side

Allen Stewart Incorporated is a different kind of law firm, largely because we give tremendous attention to our clients. We try very hard to screen all cases and make sure there are no unexpected developments. We like everything to be as routine as possible for our clients because they are undergoing enough stress as is.

If you are experiencing financial problems, and you think that bankruptcy might be a solution, contact an experienced Texas bankruptcy attorney today at Allen Stewart P.C. We've helped thousands of our neighbors achieve lasting debt relief, and we know we can help you too. Schedule your free consultation today.

Texas Bankruptcy Attorney

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Texas Bankruptcy Attorney Texas Bankruptcy Attorney
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