Texas Bankruptcy
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Texas Bankruptcy

If you are getting ready to file for bankruptcy in Texas, is the price the only thing you should be considering with a bankruptcy attorney? Allen Stewart P.C. is a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer in the DFW Metro area, helping clients to file and win Texas bankruptcy claims. Price is important, especially to people who are filing bankruptcy. At Allen Stewart P.C., we believe that bankruptcy lawyer service prices should be structured according to both the quality of services provided and the clients' ability to pay. Obviously, individuals who are filing bankruptcy typically don't have a pile of money somewhere. Don't worry! We'll work with you!

Is Price the Only Thing That Matters with a Texas Bankruptcy Attorney?

If you are looking to hire an attorney for bankruptcy, and you're going to make a decision based solely on the price; this is probably the absolute worst way you can hire a lawyer! This is true whether you hire Allen Stewart P.C. or any other bankruptcy lawyer! A lawyer who's going to represent you for the lowest amount of money isn't going to be hard to find. The problem is that you get what you pay for as with everything else in life!

Besides, it is usually the cheapest attorneys who end up charging the most because many of them charge their clients for extra things like a reaffirmation agreement, which is an agreement between yourself and a creditor to actually continue paying a debt in exchange for the right to keep the property in question. You may want to agree to something like this, depending on your circumstances, but you don't want to smacked with unexpected lawyer fees either!.

Some attorneys even charge you to attend a 341 Hearing, which is a hearing where the trustee asks you about your assets, debts, and creditors. It's usually the only hearing you have to attend in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, so it's a shame that many of the "cheap" bankruptcy attorneys charge their clients extra for something that should be included in their acceptance fees.

Hire the Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer You Know You Can Rely On

With Allen Stewart P.C., in our Chapter 7 cases, all expenses included in our flat fee. Also, in Chapter 13 matters, we represent our clients when they go to their 341 meetings. If you are making a decision to hire a Texas bankruptcy attorney and you're thinking about doing it based solely on price, then we're probably not the law firm for you.

However, we can also tell you that we've represented many clients who have gone to bare bones-cheap attorneys after consulting with us, and they often end up coming back to see us to get their bankruptcy taken care of. At Allen Stewart Incorporated, we deal with Bankruptcy cases every day! If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy, you need a Texas bankruptcy attorney who is competent, experienced, and will bend over backward to get you the debt relief you need right away! That's what we do at Allen Stewart P.C.

Texas Bankruptcy

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Texas Bankruptcy Texas Bankruptcy
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