Texas Auto Lemon Law
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We handle cases across the United States. Allen Stewart is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona.

Texas Auto Lemon Law

The Texas Auto Lemon Law

The term Lemon Law pertains to the legal rights of car buyers to claim their particular cost damage for multiple car defects or also known as ‘lemon car' experienced by the owner upon purchase for new or used vehicles. This law has helped hundreds of complainants who undergo the same catastrophic usage of cars.

However, without proper guidance of legal officers, it is much harder for you to attain such right which is why, Allen Stewart Law Suit aims to extend the reach of assistance not only to average American citizens, but also to those who are less privileged in attaining just measures through this law.

To simplify, the core of this law is to provide a legal grounds for manufacturers who refuse to fix any errors that might occur in the overall car performance especially when the specific defect can cause serious danger to the car owner. This means that minor types of defects will not be covered by the law but will be the responsibility solely by the client or owner.

Lemon laws for every state have certain differences in terms of legal coverage and customer assistance that is why it is important for you to consult with the proper legal authority that has precise knowledge and skills about the implementation as well as the guiding principles of the law. However, the Magnuson-Moss Act is a much wider law that covers Federal rights of American citizen nationwide in terms of vehicle defects. This act prevents financial burden from vehicle owners because the Act includes the client's right to seek legal support and advice in the expense of the manufacturer depending on the weight of the petition's success.

Our Services with Texas Auto Lemon Law

Our company consists of highly experienced legal teams who provide hand in hand assistance to any client at hand. We value accuracy and direct service when it comes to auto lemon law cases as we are fully concerned with our client's legal needs. Hence, our legal assistants for lemon laws highly commit in delivering top of the edge and personalized support to every customer. With this, we also develop camaraderie among our clients to establish a more solid ground of two-way support in resolving car-related cases.

At Allen Stewart, we can ensure appropriate grant of your consumer's claim regarding the condition of your lemon car. Nevertheless, we still need the complete cooperation of the client to wholly establish the effective claim of compensations regarding the case since we also require significant documentation to support our stand such as authorized and legal papers concerning the purchase and warranty of the vehicle which states the date, model and vehicle condition precisely.in line with this, we also gather personal information of the car owner and study the all possible grounds for the case in order to correctly determine the causes and possible weight of the case actions.

Contact Information

If you want to see the full details of our service regarding Texas Auto Lemon Law, you can visit the Allen Stewart website at www.allenstewart.com or you may call us at 214-965-8700 or 214-965-8701 (fax). For walk-in clients, our main office is located at 325 North, St. Paul St Suit, 4 000, Dallas, Texas, 75201.

Texas Auto Lemon Law

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Texas Auto Lemon Law Texas Auto Lemon Law
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