Ny Lemon Law Used Car
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Ny Lemon Law Used Car

When you have a defective vehicle, the manufacturer is obligated by their warranty to fix it, and if that doesn't work, replace it or give you a refund. As per the law, manufacturers are required to ensure their products meet a given standard of quality, whether they come with a warranty or not. Sadly, this isn't always the case. Thousands of defective cars are unintentionally manufactured each year, and you may end up purchasing one without knowing. If you bought a lemon and have notified the manufacturer yet all the repair attempts have been unsuccessful, you're allowed to pursue recourse under the NY lemon law for used cars.

At Allen Stewart, PC, we believe you shouldn't go through any more hassles because of your lemon. Our lemon law experts can help you identify a lemon then work to get you a reliable car or a refund.

Everything You Need to Know About Lemon for Cars and Lemon Law

Lemon law differs from state to state. As such, it's critical to ensure you adhere to all your state requirements. A lemon law attorney can help ensure that you have and your car fulfills all the legal requirements to be considered a lemon. This includes:

  • A defect that compromises its safety and affects its everyday use
  • Proper notification of the dealer or manufacturer
  • Allowing a specified number of repair attempts
  • Time your car spent out of service to be fixed

If your vehicle is a lemon and the manufacturer has denied responsibility as stipulated in the warranty or by the lemon laws applicable in your state, you should contact a professional attorney right away. The best lemon law lawyers have the experience to get you the settlement you deserve in such situations.

Who's Protected Under the Lemon Law?

It's not a must that you're the legal car owner to benefit from the state and federal lemon laws. That said, you have to be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of a vehicle if you're a lessee. This means that if you don't fix or maintain the car you've leased, then the vehicle owner is the only one who can pursue relief according to the lemon law.

Once you prove that your car is a lemon, you can get relief from:

  • State Lemon Law - The law works on a state level, with each state having its own lemon laws.
  • The Magnus-Moss Warranty Act - This federal law demands that manufacturers must honor their warranties.

Consult Dedicated Lemon Law Attorneys

Are you always worried that your car might break down at any time? Or maybe you're back at the repair shop yet again? If your vehicle is giving you more problems than peace, you might have been sold a lemon. Luckily, our dedicated lemon lawyer can help you determine if indeed you have a lemon under the NY lemon law for used cars. After establishing you got a lemon, our consumer rights lawyer will fight aggressively for you to secure the maximum settlement. Contact Allen Stewart, PC, for a free lemon consultation: 1-866-440-2460.

Ny Lemon Law Used Car

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Ny Lemon Law Used Car Ny Lemon Law Used Car
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