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We handle cases across the United States. Allen Stewart is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona.

Ny Lemon Law

A reliable vehicle is not a luxury but a necessity of life. Most of us look forward to a time when we can drive ourselves anywhere we want and avoid the hectic lines and crowds that come with public transport. So, imagine buying a new car full of unrepairable defects unbeknownst to you?

We are fortunate that there are lemon laws to protect buyers against these defects, so you can take action and protect yourself. These laws are generally different in every state, but the primary goal is to help the driver against fraudulent sellers who sell defective vehicles.

Everything you should know about NY lemon for cars laws

Who is eligible for protection under the NY lemon law?

The NY lemon law covers anyone who buys a new vehicle that develops numerous issues before the distance exceeds 18,000 miles. The law states that you are eligible for a full refund or replacement for the truck, motorcycle, wheelchair, watercraft, or homes, among many more electric motors.

Generally, the product must have suffered multiple failed repairs while using the manufacturer's repair warranty. The best way to truly understand how your car fits into the law is to contact a lemon law attorney with proficiency in the field so that they can advise with particulars regarding your case.

What conditions should the car have to fit into the lemon law?

Lemon law is suitable for both used and new cars, as long as they fit the following conditions:

  • The vehicle should have a valid warranty
  • It should not exceed 18,000 miles since you bought it
  • The car transfer has happened within the jurisdiction of the lemon law - New York for our case
  • The vehicle should only serve private needs and not commercial or public purposes

What can you do if the car does not fit into the lemon law?

Allen Stewart can help you access federal and state laws if you do not have the right to benefit from lemon laws. We know many more different types of laws to protect you against the same, and with similar or more protections like a full refund or replacement. The first thing to do is to get in touch with us to determine whether there is a way to get you the benefits of lemon law or proceed with other channels to get the same compensations.

What if the dealer rejects the lemon car for excess damages?

Lemon law is typically applicable for any car that is too damaged and could not be repaired after several trials. The only problem is that there aren't specific laws defining the condition ‘lemon,' which leaves room for car sellers to reject the car if it has too much wear. Some people will say wear is a broken window or excess scratches, complicating the proceedings.

It is recommendable that you involve a consumer rights lawyer to fight your case as soon as you think the car fits into the lemon law so that we can build a solid case to favor your argument. Further information about our lemon law procedures is available via consultation services when you contact our lemon law experts online or call +1-866-440-2460 for immediate feedback.

Ny Lemon Law

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Ny Lemon Law Ny Lemon Law
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