New York new car lemon law
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New York new car lemon law

At Allen Stewart Inc., we get justice for consumers who have been sold lemons in New York. If you are looking for information on New York new car lemon law, then you are in the right place now.

We often work on a contingency basis, and we've recovered millions of dollars for our clients. If you've got a new car and think it's defective, you may have a claim under the lemon law of New York. If you have purchased a lemon, you could potentially get a cash settlement, a refund, or even a vehicle replacement at the expense of the vehicle manufacturer.

What if a Dealer Won't Give Me My Receipts?

If you live in New York, you might already know that you need four repair attempts before your vehicle can be considered a lemon. Either that or the vehicle must spend 30 days in the shop within the first year of purchase. But a lot of people don't know what to do if they take their car to the dealer, and they don't give them a receipt. Do you even have a lemon law claim if you don't have dealer receipts saying that the car has been repaired four times?

The answer is that you may have a claim, but you may have to work a little harder. If you live in New York, here are the four things that you need to do to document your lemon law claim if you don't have the repair orders:

#1: Ask for them

By law, the dealer has to provide you with your receipts if you ask for them.

#2: Write a letter

If your dealer doesn't give you the paperwork, write a letter. Make a request in writing and keep the letter.

#3: Keep a logbook

Write down every date and time you take your vehicle in to be fixed. Write down every communication that you have with them.

#4: Document the problems yourself

Use your phone's camera to take pictures and videos of your problem.

The bottom line is that you don't have to let the dealer bamboozle you or deny your rights under New York lemon law. If your dealer won't give you the paperwork you're entitled to, find other ways to establish your lemon law claim. For example, call the police and make a report.

Does My Car Qualify as a Lemon in New York?

There's only one way to find out the answer to this question, and that is to contact a lemon law lawyer. Allen Stewart Inc. is here to help. If you need information about New York new car lemon law, or you would like to speak with an attorney about filing a lemon law claim in New York, give us a ring. We're glad to help.

To date, Allen Stewart Inc. has helped thousands of people receive compensation under state and federal lemon laws, including compensation for lawyer fees.

New York new car lemon law

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New York new car lemon law New York new car lemon law
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