New York Lemon Law Used Car
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New York Lemon Law Used Car

A lemon car is a vehicle that turns out to be defective after you, but it tends to break down often, even after repair attempts under the warranty agreement. Lemon laws were created to cover the financial damages and inconvenience that drivers face to get back the car's value or a new car. The law typically applies to used vehicles but can also apply to new ones depending on several factors.

Does your car fit to be a lemon?

Lemon for cars laws are different in every state and the laws making a new or used car a lemon will have slight tweaks. The general criteria include the following:

  • The defect will be consistent after 3 or 4 trials
  • You must have attempted to repair the car within the duration of the warranty
  • You have a lemon car if the car can be inoperable for at least 25 days in a row, which could also mean that the mechanic needed to keep the vehicle for that period while trying to fix the issue.

Let's take some time to explain what you should know about the New York lemon law for used cars because the law does not cover new cars.

What happens when you discover you have a lemon car?

Most buyers will avoid buying a lemon car, but there are a few unfortunate cases when you end up with a lemon case. The following are simple guidelines to follow for the full reimbursement.

Speak with the seller

The first step is to speak with the seller to give you the best alternative. At first, they will suggest that you get a repair under the vehicle's warranty before they consider it a lemon. A good seller will know when the repair does not suffice and suggest pursuing legal paperwork with lemon law experts to process your compensation.

Filling the legal action

The second step is to contact a lemon lawyer who will help you to fill all the paperwork by detailing the defects and finding corresponding ways to pursue compensation or replacement. We help you keep track of the communication and repair procedures, including copies of text messages, repair records, and bills.

Using an attorney helps you pursue legal action and get better results because we know all the laws and can easily submit necessary evidence. We also know the applicable rules of filling and submitting the paperwork to relevant offices, so you do not have to figure out where and how to begin.

Things that determine the amount of compensation or replacement

We have already touched on the factors that make a lemon, but more conditions are more specific, and you would need an attorney to read between the lines. An example is that some states do not accept used leased cars as lemons, which means you cannot apply for compensation. Another is that you have up to 30 months to file for reimbursement for new cars and up to 2 years for used cars.

Feel free to contact our consumer rights lawyer at 1-866-440-2460, so we can help determine your options and apply for compensation while you still have time.

New York Lemon Law Used Car

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New York Lemon Law Used Car New York Lemon Law Used Car
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