Magnuson Act Warranty
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Magnuson Act Warranty

Rely on the Magnuson Act Warranty

When purchasing a new vehicle, people expect it to provide optimal performance for several years without significant maintenance or repairs. However, in some cases, these vehicles come with significant flaws that can affect their performance, reliability, usability, and overall safety. In those cases, through the state Lemon Laws, they can seek a fair claim from the manufacturers.

However, in many cases, owners cannot rely on these local regulations to fight for their rights, whether it is because of the type of vehicle, whether it is used, or some other condition set by local law. Fortunately, in these cases, the owner can rely on the federal Magnuson Act Warranty. If you are in a situation of significant damage to your vehicle, you should know how this law works, and how it can bring you favorable results.

What is the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act?

This is a federal law passed by Congress in 1975 that regulates product warranties for consumers. It states that manufacturers must provide their purchasers with detailed information regarding warranty coverage. Also, it dictates the obligations of warrantors by the promise they make in writing.

If any vehicle exhibits significant defects or fails to comply with the manufacturer's warranty, the buyer may claim compensation for those malfunctions that the vehicle exhibits.

What Types of Vehicles Does the Magnuson Act Protect?

The Magnuson Act is much broader than most state Lemon laws. It covers any new vehicle and within its manufacturer's warranty period. Unlike local laws, it does not exclude specific vehicles such as motorcycles, motor homes, ATVs, or trucks.

Nor does it exclude secondary purchasers of new vehicles from coverage. The only requirement is that the failure occurred within the manufacturer's warranty period. You can consult with an expert Lemon lawyer such as Allen Stewart if you are in doubt as to whether or not your vehicle qualifies.

When Can the Magnuson Warranty Be Used?

Generally, the owner of the vehicle may rely on the law to seek compensation after a "reasonable number of attempts" have been made by the manufacturer to repair or correct the significant failure. This compensation can usually be reimbursement of the purchase price, or replacement of the vehicle with a new one. The manufacturer must also pay the claimant owner's attorney's fees.

Concerning the determination of "reasonable number of attempts" there are certain applicable factors, among them:

  • Safety defect: in these cases, a single repair attempt may be sufficient.
  • Time in the shop: after the vehicle has been out of service for a certain number of continuous days, a compensation claim may be made.
  • Major defects: if the defects have been irreparable after three or four attempts, compensation can be claimed.

Trust a Top Lemon Law Attorney to Help You with the Magnuson Act Warranty

If you have problems with significant defects with your vehicle, the wisest thing to do is to rely on leading Lemon law experts. In that case, you will find your best alternative only at Allen Stewart. We have the most outstanding team of specialized lawyers, with years of experience, ready to passionately defend your rights. If you want the top consumer rights lawyer, contact us for free lemon law consultation.

Magnuson Act Warranty

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Magnuson Act Warranty Magnuson Act Warranty
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