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We handle cases across the United States. Allen Stewart is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona.

Lemon Laws Texas New Cars

Buying a used or new car that has constant problems all the time will leave a sour taste in your mouth. The government protects buyers against such cases under the lemon car laws. The law allows buyers to return the car for either replacement, repair, or a refund. The 1975 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act provides this legal protection to all fifty states in the country.

What is a lemon car?

This car is one that has any or both of the following conditions:
Substantial defect

A mechanical problem, which was not a fault of the owner. The problem impairs the car's functioning and does not live up to the expectation of the specifications. These defects must have coverage by the provided warranty to qualify as a lemon car.

Serial repairs

A substantial number of fixes determines whether the car qualifies as a lemon. The maximum number of repairs varies according to the state. The general number is four in most regions.

The number may, however, be one if the car has an apparent and severe fault. The vehicle will also be a lemon case if it spends a considerable amount of time at the repair shop for a fixture of severe problems.

Advantages of a lemon law lawyer

Hiring a lemon law attorney will speed up a replacement or refund. Allen Stewart Law firm has influential lemon law attorneys to help resolve complicated car issues.

Consumer protection

The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act protects clients who buy defective products that cost anything more than $25 and has a written warranty. Manufacturers cannot create laws with unfair statements. The consumer will be able to pay the attorney fees from the received compensation. Our attorney will interpret the lemon laws in Texas for new cars to determine whether your purchase deserves to be a gross case.

The resolution process

The first step to resolving a lemon case is to handle everything amicably. An agreement about the vehicle's condition will grant you the deserved service. Failure to honor the lemon laws in Texas for new cars will require the intervention of an attorney. The Allen Stewart law firm will push the case to arbitration.

The arbitration process

Lemon cases do not usually require a court of law. The non-judicial intervention will perceive both sides of the despite to reach a fair conclusion. The manufacturer will not have freedom of opinion once the arbitrator makes a decision. A consumer who refutes the end can advance the case to court. You can prevent complications by bringing forth the following evidence:

  • Receipts of purchase
  • Receipts of repair services to demonstrate the number or duration of repairs
  • Phone records between you and the seller or mechanic
  • Ads marketing the product for sale showing the indicated quoted amount

Building a strong case

Auto shops will not make it easy for you to compromise their resources. These giant firms will use all legal means to leave you with the lemon car. Besides, they most likely have experience in handling complicated situations with both clients and suppliers. An attorney will give the upper hand to prove the worth of the warranty.

Lemon Laws Texas New Cars

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Lemon Laws Texas New Cars Lemon Laws Texas New Cars
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