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Lemon Law Used Car

Lemon Law Used for Used Car
The law books in any state, county or municipality likely contain some strange laws dating from long ago that might still be in effect. In North Carolina, customers at a Karaoke bar risk breaking a law that makes it illegal to sing off-key. In Texas, it is illegal for you to sell your own eyeballs.

While we laugh at these humorous laws, almost all laws are made to provide some level of protection to the public. And when someone is victimized by another person or company who is breaking these laws, the wheels of justice begin their slow rotation.

Most legal conflicts are settled out of court with an agreement, usually monetary, paid by one side to the other. In rare cases, individuals will be able to plead their case in a small claims court by themselves, but most cases will involve attorneys hired to plead the case before a judge and possibly a jury when no out of court settlement is reached.

Lemon Law for Used Car and Allan Stewart
In Dallas, Texas the law firm of Allan Stewart is there to protect the little guy who has been hurt by a corporation or another individual. Allan (Al) was first licensed to practice law in Texas in 1990 and is the recipient of many awards in Texas including being named as one of the Top 100 Texas Lawyers in 2009 and 2010. He is board certified in Personal Injury Law (2001) and as a Civil Trial Advocate (2002) and is known for his work helping people with Texas "Lemon Law" claims on used cars.

Lemon Laws vary from state to state but they all are rooted in the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 that first provided some protection to purchasers of consumer goods, not just automobiles. The lemon laws are much more than a way for people to get a new car as they also protect the seller as well as the consumer. For autos, the lemon laws do not apply to cars with a certain number of miles on the odometer. Your old 1993 Honda Civic with 150,000 miles will not be "protected" by the lemon laws.

Substantial Defects

The burden of proof in any legal claim lies with the side that is trying to collect damages. The other side will make every effort to defend their product from such charges. Lemon Laws require proof of a "substantial defect" that makes the vehicle unsafe or will lessen its value. A defective turn signal that can be easily repaired and is still covered under a warranty is not a substantial defect. Transmission failure on a car with only 8,000 miles likely will be covered under lemon laws unless there is evidence that the car was abused in some manner or tampered with.

For most legal issues the common person has no idea how to maneuver through the lemon laws and will need the help of a professional attorney like Allan Stewart to reach a settlement. Aside from lemon laws, Al handles Bankruptcy and Eminent Domain cases in Dallas Texas. If you need help regarding Lemon Law for used Car, give Al a call toll-free at 866-440-2460 or 214-965-8700. There is also an online chat service and message form that can be used to tell us about that "lemon" that you recently purchased from a fast-talking used car dealer.

Lemon Law Used Car

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Lemon Law Used Car Lemon Law Used Car
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