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Lemon Law Texas

Lemon Law in Texas
It is pretty much easy to believe how there could be chaos without laws. This is why laws are established in the first place, that is for people to gain understanding and awareness of the things that are not supposed to be done and the things that can be done.
There is a vast range of laws out there, every single one, created and considered for the betterment of each country and citizen therein. Intricately, these laws are made to provide solution and order when dealing with various types of situations.

Lemon Laws
One division of country laws is called Lemon Law. Lemon Laws are birthed out from the government act called Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act in the year 1975. The said warranty Act was carried out because of the blatant problem at the time regarding issues encountered by consumers with regards to the warranty scope and product disclaimers by manufacturers.

The Lemon Law allows consumers to gain access to the legal tools that are helpful for them to be able to get the right compensation that they deserve depending on the problem encountered and the value of the product they have bought. Moreover, only qualified attorneys are allowed to use the said tools to in completing the legal system of the Lemon Law.

Lemon Law in Texas
Texas isn't your ordinary state. Texas happens to be one of the largest states in the United States. And so with the freedom of each state to create their own regulations as to how they will apply the Lemon Law, Texas created their own policies for such.

Apparently, the Lemon Law in Texas only covers vehicles that have been newly purchased. Meaning, all vehicles that have been used, repossessed or purchased as second-hand items are not eligible to be under the Lemon Law program. This is just one of the distinctions of the Lemon Law in Texas compared to how the law is applied in other nearby states.

Your Legal Partner at Allen Stewart
Allen Stewart is a law firm of young litigators that prove to have exquisite records and significant recognition in different industries. We are formed through our commitment and passion to be able to serve justice to those who need it and to show justice to those who deny to give it to others.
Our company is known to have received prestigious awards such as Rising Stars of the Private Bar, Most Successful Young Litigators in America, Civil Trial Advocate - National Board of Trial Attorneys and a lot more.

It is never a pretty sight when a "weak" defendant is poked around by large companies that refuse to take responsibility and accountability for their mistakes. Our company commits into being readily available for those who are in need of strong advocates for the justice that they deserve.
We carry through our work through our commitment and passion for justice and helping other people. Give us a call now to know more about our services.

Lemon Law Texas

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Lemon Law Texas Lemon Law Texas
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