Lemon law Michigan
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Lemon law Michigan

If it seems like your new car spends more time on the shop than it does on the road, you may be the not-so-proud owner of a brand new lemon. Don't worry; you won't be stuck with the sour taste of buyer's remorse forever! Allen Stewart Inc. knows lemon law in Michigan and can help you enforce your rights state or federal lemon law. First, do you know what a lemon is and if you've been sold one?

Is My Vehicle a Lemon?

If your vehicle is under 12-months-old or hasn't yet been driven 12k miles (whichever comes first) and is not repaired within a reasonable period of time, then you may qualify for compensation under Michigan lemon law. If your vehicle's problems are serious in nature, then we must provide the manufacturer with ample opportunity to fix them. After a reasonable number of attempts to fix the problem without success, the manufacturer must buy back the vehicle or allow the customer to select a new vehicle.

Why is There a Need for Lemon Law?

Think about it; is anything perfect? No. Whether we're dealing with a TV, a video game, a kid's toy, or just about anything else, products fail. Some products fail within an unreasonable amount of time. Well, the same is true of vehicles. When it comes to vehicles (unlike the aforementioned items), the customer is making a major investment, usually thousands - even tens of thousands - of dollars. Michigan lemon law exists to help car buyers.

Imagine if there were no laws that require vehicle manufacturers to honor their warranties! A lot of manufacturers would probably fall down on their promises to their customers, and the car buyers would be stuck with the burden and the loss. Lemon law in Michigan is there to protect the customers.

What Other Compensation Can I Collect in a Lemon Law Claim?

In Michigan, consumers who are forced to bring about lemon law claims against vehicle manufacturers are eligible to request that the vehicle manufacturer pays for their lawyer fees. Even if your vehicle is not a lemon, you may still be entitled to compensation. For example, there may be a failure to repair your car within a reasonable period of time. An instance of this would be if you've had a part on order for a long time, and you've had to wait weeks or months for that part, during which time the car has either been not drivable or has been impaired as a result of not having that part, you will be entitled to a refund or a lesser amount of money.

Contact Allen Stewart Inc.

It's amazing how many people don't even realize that they've been sold a lemon. Often, they don't pursue a lemon law claim when they could because they've gone to a dealership, and the dealership has told them that they have no claim. In cases where you suspect that you are entitled to compensation for a bad deal, contact Allen Stewart Inc.

Lemon law Michigan

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Lemon law Michigan Lemon law Michigan
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