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Lemon Law Lawyer

Buying a car can be a frustrating experience. You have a lot of questions to ask, such as "Should I buy new or used?" "What's the best make or model?" "Am I getting a good deal or is the dealership ripping me off?" These are some of the most common questions people ask when purchasing a vehicle.

You may or may not know that you have rights under your state's lemon laws that apply whether you purchase a new or used vehicle. Of course, you can find an experienced lemon law lawyer at Allen Stewart Corporation if you think you've been on the receiving end of a sour deal. First, let's look at your protections if you purchase a new vehicle.

Have You Been Sold a Lemon?

Buying a new vehicle gives you the best chance of owning a vehicle that's going to function for you the way you need it to. It comes straight from the manufacturer - nobody has owned it before you, and nobody has dirtied it. Still, new vehicles break down too! Maybe the vehicle becomes a lemon.

Every state has lemon law. For example, some states require that you have four repairs to the same part within a year and some within two years. Either way, most states stipulate that there must be four repairs within a year or two to qualify under lemon law. In addition, there is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which is a federal law that says any time your vehicle succumbs to an unreasonable amount of repairs within the warranty period, you're entitled to recovery.

Remedies for Lemons

What can you get if you've been sold a lemon? Depending on which state you're in, you could get a refund for your purchase price, you could make the dealership take the vehicle back, or you could recover money to make up the difference of the value of what you thought you bought and what you did buy. What if you bought a used vehicle?

We've all heard the stories of when people walk into a dealership and are told how great a used vehicle is. Perhaps you've experienced this for yourself. They tell you that the history of the vehicle is wonderful, how there is only one prior owner, and the owner barely used the car. This may all be true. However, some dealerships often advertise vehicles as never having been in an accident when it has. Either that or the dealership tells people that the car had only one prior owner and that owner turns out to be a rent-a-car company.

In all of these situations, you have rights. If you have found yourself getting angry while you were reading this, welcome to the club! Getting ripped off always hurts, but it hurts more when you're buying a vehicle. Vehicles are large investments for most people, and our entire lives depend on our mode of transportation. A lemon law lawyer can help you rectify the problem.

Lemon Law Lawyer

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Lemon Law Lawyer Lemon Law Lawyer
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