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Lemon law Colorado

Fewer things could be more frustrating than doing all of the necessary research to find the right car, only to wind up with a lemon. To make it more complicated, each state and the federal government have their own laws about lemons. What are the lemon laws of Colorado? As you will see, Colorado is not customer-friendly when it comes to its lemon laws! Therefore, you need to be educated on this matter and know what to do to protect yourself.

How Do I Know if I Have a Lemon?

Lemons laws are rare laws that apply in rare circumstances but not rare enough! Lemon laws are narrow laws that exist to protect people who have truly purchased a lemon. Under Colorado law, a lemon is defined as a brand new car that is under warranty. The vehicle in question can be a car or truck, but it cannot be a home or motorcycle. Also, ATVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles are not covered by Colorado's lemon law. Generally, the vehicle in question would be a car that you use to drive to work and home.

The idea with Colorado's lemon law is that, if a car has a problem, it would be identified almost immediately, within the first year of owning the car. The law does not apply beyond the first year after you take delivery of it. In order for the law to protect the customer, you must have the new vehicle in the shop at least four different times for the same repair within the first year. Frustrating!

Also, the law may still apply to you if your vehicle is out of commission due to repairs or at least 30 business days. These are the two circumstances where Colorado's lemon laws protect customers. Therefore, the questions is, what do you do when you've had the vehicle in the shop for four repairs and it's still not fixed, or as a result of the problem, the car has been out of commission for 30 or more business days.

What to Do if You Have Bought a Lemon

To protect yourself under this law, you would need to send a certified letter to the manufacturer of the car. This is not the dealership that you purchased the vehicle from; it's the manufacturer. To find out where to send that letter describing your problem, you'll need to look inside of your owner's manual. There will be an address where you can send your letter.

You may also go the Better Business Bureau auto line and work through the mediation of the BBB. This way, you might be able to get some results and short-circuit the problem.

If we can prove that you purchased a lemon, we have several options. We can make the manufacturer repurchase the vehicle (give you your money back and take the vehicle) or give you a new vehicle. Again, the circumstances of where this law would apply are very narrow. The best thing for you to do is to contact an experienced attorney who knows how to get around the lemon law of Colorado. That's where Allen Stewart Corporation comes in.

Lemon law Colorado

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Lemon law Colorado Lemon law Colorado
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