Lemon Law Cars

Lemon Law Cars

The Texas Lemon Law protects car owners from the emotional and financial burden of dealing with depreciating vehicles that constantly need manufacturer's warranty repairs. According to the law, a manufacturer must give you a new vehicle or refund your money if you have a lemon. It's important to note that the Texas Lemon Law is only applicable to cars bought and registered in the state. Additionally, the manufacturer also has rights under the lemon law. They're given a reasonable opportunity to repair your car, that is, four attempts.

If aren't sure about the process or if your car qualifies as a lemon, we can help. At Allen Stewart, PC, our lemon lawyer has extensive experience handling lemon law cars. Our lemon law experts can explain the law to you, address your unique legal needs, and represent you in court.

What's a Lemon?

Your automobile can be considered a lemon if:

  • The manufacturer receives notice and is given a chance to fix your car.
  • The problem is persistent.
  • A hearing officer declares it a lemon.
  • The vehicle has a life-threatening malfunction. In other words, if the contested defect makes your car harder to control or puts you or the passengers inside in great danger, that's deemed as a lemon.
  • Your car is out of service for a minimum of 30 days within the first 24,000 miles or 24 months.
  • If four attempts to repair the same issue on your car have taken place within the period of two years. Further, two attempts must have been done in the first 12,000 miles or within the first year, and the other two attempts have been performed in the next 12,000 miles or the second year.

If you're eligible under any of the following categories or your new car experiences a different problem, you have rights under the Texas Lemon Law to take legal action.

Also, it's critical to maintain detailed records of all repairs performed on your car, even if they weren't done at a certified dealership. The records can aid you in winning your lemon law case.

What's Not a Lemon for Cars

The lemon law in Texas doesn't cover illegal sales. In addition, the lemon law isn't applicable if the dealership gave you a loaner automobile with zero cost to you when your car broke down.

Texas has a stringent time limit during which you're allowed to file a claim. If your vehicle has clocked 24,000 miles since the time of purchase or two years have elapsed since the warranty was delivered to you, you only have six months to file your claim.

Expert Lemon Law Attorney

Got a lemon and looking for a consumer rights lawyer? It's critical to act fast before the time to file your claim expires. At Allen Stewart, PC, our lemon law attorney can successfully navigate the Lemon Law in Texas and help you with lemon law cars so that you can qualify for relief. We'll take all the legal steps to protect your rights and pursue the benefits you deserve. Contact us for a free lemon law consultation: 1-866-440-2460.

Lemon Law Cars

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Lemon Law Cars Lemon Law Cars
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