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Lemon Law Attorney

Does your car seem like it's in the shop more than it's on the road? If so, you might have bought a lemon! The good news is that a lemon law attorney can help you rectify your situation. If you are the owner of a lemon, or your vehicle's manufacturer has not repaired your problems in a reasonable amount of time under warranty, you ARE entitled to just compensation!

What is a Lemon?

Under most state laws, a lemon is a vehicle that under warranty had a problem within the first twelve months or 12,000 miles (in some cases longer) and is not repaired within a reasonable period of time. If there are problems that are substantial in nature, the manufacturer through the dealership network has an opportunity to fix them, and after that has failed, the manufacturer must buy back the vehicle back or provide a new one at no expense to the consumer.

Why is There a Need for Lemon Laws?

There's a need for lemon laws because not all cars are perfect like all consumer products aren't perfect. If there is no requirement for the manufacturer to do what the warranty says in making repairs, then the manufacturer may fall down on the job and not give the consumer what they've paid for. The law says that after a certain amount of time for repair, the consumer is entitled to what they paid for. This could be a refund or a new car.

Further, if the consumer files a lemon law claim, and the manufacturer hasn't resolved it fairly, the consumer can also sue the manufacturer for attorney fees and costs. So, filing a lemon law claim is a free process for the consumer.

Will I Be Significantly Compensated?

Yes. If you have been sold a lemon, you will be significantly compensated even for smaller problems - even if your car is not a lemon! There may be a failure to repair your vehicle within a reasonable amount of time. For example, if there is a part on order for an unreasonable amount of time, and you have to wait weeks or months for that part, and the car is not drivable during this period, you are entitled to a refund or a lesser amount of money depending on your situation. The first thing to do is a to contact a reputed lemon law attorney like Allen Stewart of Texas.

Many People Don't Even Know that They Have a Lemon

As a Texas lemon law attorney, Allen Stewart is always amazed by how many people don't know their rights! Many people will go to the dealership regarding their vehicle problems, and the dealership will tell them that they don't have a claim, so the person never pursues it any further. If you are experiencing problems with a vehicle under warranty, give Allen Stewart a call and set up a free consultation. We'll determine if you've been sold a lemon and which course of action should follow.

Lemon Law Attorney

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Lemon Law Attorney Lemon Law Attorney
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