Illinois lemon law
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Illinois lemon law

Lemon law is a law that exists to help Illinois consumers protect themselves. A lot of times, even brand new vehicles can be faulty. In Illinois, any vehicle under four tons is covered by lemon law. Illinois is one of the more consumer-friendly lemon law states. Lemon law in Illinois even cover pets. If you have purchased a cat or dog from a pet shop with a pre-existing illness or condition, you may be protected under Illinois lemon law.

In Illinois, lemon law applies to newly purchased vehicles for the first 12 months of ownership. You should note that the law also states the first 12,000 miles of the car or the first 12 months, whichever one comes first. After that, the vehicle will no longer be covered.

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Non-trailer area of recreational vehicles
  • Motorcycles

The most important part to pay attention to are the malfunctions. There are specific factory defects that violate your warranty agreement. If the malfunction significantly impedes the value or safe operation of your vehicle, then you are eligible to seek remedy under Illinois lemon law statutes. This means that just about any and all vehicle malfunctions will be covered in the state of Illinois. However, it has to be a legitimate problem, not that the stereo isn't working. For example, it would need to be something under the hood, such as the transmission or anything that doesn't allow your vehicle to move or operate normally.

Who's to Blame for Your Lemon?

It is important to realize that the manufacturer is liable, not the dealership. You're not going to accomplish anything by going to the dealership and yelling at them. You might find that you'll get better results if you're kind to the dealership because they have the power to act as a conduit between you and the manufacturer. Ultimately, a dealership is not at fault. They just sell the vehicles that the manufacturer provides them with, expecting, like you, that the vehicles will operate and run normally.

Lemon law in Illinois prescribes that the manufacturer must repair the malfunction at their own expense. If the new vehicle is still not in compliance with the warranty condition, then the vehicle manufacturer will be required to provide a replacement vehicle or provide a full refund to the customer.

Contact the BBB

If you do have a lemon, and the manufacturer is not cooperating, you can always go to the BBB. The Better Business Bureau has a Lemon Law Complaint Form that will allow you to start the process. If you do have a lemon, your best bet is to speak with an experienced attorney who knows Illinois lemon law like the back of his/her hand. Allen Stewart Corporation is a great place to start.

Allen Stewart is widely known across the United States for getting victims of lemons their due justice. The laws exist to help the 'little guy' defend him/herself against large corporations that seek to exploit them. By having a knowledgeable lawyer in your corner, you can get your compensation and make the manufacturer pay for your legal fees.

Illinois lemon law

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Illinois lemon law Illinois lemon law
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