Car Lemon Law
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We handle cases across the United States. Allen Stewart is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona.

Car Lemon Law

Know Your Rights with Car Lemon Law

A car is a major purchase. Buying a new car is a dream come true to many. But what if you are first-time car buyer who happened to purchase a lemon? It can be very frustrating! What is a lemon car, by the way? It does not only pertain to cars but actually to any vehicle with nonconformities which can affect its market value, safety, and use.

How Does A Car Qualify As Lemon?

Every state has a different regulation regarding car lemon law. If you are particularly looking for Texas lemon law, our team's expertise can be relied on. Allen Stewart offers a wide range of services, including Lemon Law to protect consumers from their rights after unknowingly purchasing a lemon vehicle.

Obviously, the defect or current condition of the vehicle should not be a result of accident or neglect on the consumer's part. In most states, it is required that the manufacturer at least attempted to perform the necessary repairs. An owner needs to send a written notice of defect via certified mail.

According to the Texas Lemon Law, a vehicle will be eligible as a lemon if it has the same defect that cannot be repaired after four attempts within the first two years. It should not run more than 24,000 miles and it did not pass the Serious Safety Hazard Test.
Processes Involved in Complaining

If you suspect your car is a lemon, it is recommended to call the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. They will be able to provide the specific information you need. They are also the department where you will file the complaint which comes with a fee.

They have administrative staff and advisors who are assigned to review Lemon car complaints. They will arrange for mediation between the parties involved. This is their way of resolving the complaint but unfortunately, the cases are not always resolved.

Given that the complaint was not settled, the parties need to present their cases by attending a hearing. It will be conducted by a hearing examiner who will be responsible for making the final written decision within 60 days.

When It's Right to Hire A Lemon Law Attorney

Proving that a car is a lemon can be tricky and may be time-consuming. A car owner needs help in processing the complaint specifically if the case is unresolved. For typical consumers, it is complicated to figure out who to approach to or what will be the fees involved. For that matter, a lemon law attorney can be of great help.

Here at Allen Stewart, our lawyers can help you get your compensation if you bought a lemon vehicle which is a 2014 model or newer and has repeated unfixable issues. Every owner of a lemon car deserves to get the justice they deserve and that will only be possible by filing a complaint against the auto manufacturer. Receive free consultation about car lemon law by submitting your concerns through our website's contact form.

Car Lemon Law

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Car Lemon Law Car Lemon Law
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