Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas Tx
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Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas Tx

Allen Stewart is a bankruptcy attorney in Dallas, TX that works for people in the DFW area in need of debt relief. All of the paralegals, attorneys, and staff on our team love what we do for a living because we get to help people, enrich their lives, and save them from a lot of heartaches. As bankruptcy attorneys, our job is to make this difficult time a lot easier and help you protect what is near and dear to you. Allen Stewart P.C. is here to help you close this stressful chapter in your life and start a new life financially.

For the best start-over bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is clearly the best choice. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is where your debts get eliminated, so you don't have to pay them anymore. Some common debts that Chapter 7 eliminates are:

  • Credit cards
  • Medical bills
  • Loans (including payday loans)
  • Some old taxes
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures

What Kinds of Debts are NOT Eliminated by Chapter 7?

  • Student loans
  • Most taxes
  • Child support

You may also decide to keep certain debts that you have such as your mortgage payment and your car payment so you can keep your house and your car. This decision is up to you.

Will I Lose Anything in My Bankruptcy?

Probably. There are certain things that you can keep and certain things you cannot keep in a bankruptcy. A good example would be if you have a boat. You typically cannot keep your boat if you file for bankruptcy. However, you won't really know this until you meet with your Dallas bankruptcy attorney, and we go over your assets and give you an answer on if you're going to lose anything. Finding a bankruptcy attorney in Dallas, TX who can help you make sense of all this will prove invaluable.

Credit Counseling Requirement

Throughout the entirety of your bankruptcy case, you will have to do two short credit counseling sessions. These can be done on the Internet or on the telephone, and they're very easy! Allen Stewart P.C. can show you how to do them when you come in for a free consultation with a leading bankruptcy attorney in Dallas, TX.

Can I File Chapter 7?

You must qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy before you can file for it. Once we have gone over the details of your circumstances, we can tell you whether or not you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If not, we can probably file Chapter 13. As it turns out for most people who are struggling, they usually do qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


First, we must meet you in-person. We will assess any documentation you have regarding your current financial situation and set up a payment plan for your attorney's fees and filing fees. We'll explain the bankruptcy process to you and lay out all of your options on the table. Then, we will prepare your case for you. Once you have reviewed your case, we'll file it for you in bankruptcy court.

Contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Dallas, TX at Allen Stewart P.C. today, and get a bankruptcy pro on your side.

Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas Tx

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Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas Tx Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas Tx
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