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Skinnygirl Ingredients Form Toxic Cocktail

Reality star Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl cocktails have gotten a lot of bad press after they were pulled from Whole Foods shelves for falling below their standard of quality. The label claims that the drinks contain all natural ingredients, when in fact they have sodium benzoate, a preservative derived from benzene also known as E211 that is common in many foods. It is not toxic by itself, but generates benzene, a known carcinogen, when mixed with vitamin C. Skinnygirl cocktails contain lime juice, and that’s where the problem lies. While the small amount of toxin in the drinks is unlikely to hurt anyone, the real issue is that benzene is prevalent everywhere – tobacco, exhaust, gasoline, industrial emissions, and a number of common products ranging from household glue to wood wax. Exposure is cumulative; every little bit can add up. To avoid adding benzene to your diet, check labels for both ascorbic acid and sodium benzoate, and take a pass on those products.

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