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We handle cases across the United States. Allen Stewart is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona.

Houston Lemon Law Attorneys

Texas Lemon Law Lawyers

Houston Lemon Law Attorney

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Thousands of Houston consumers every year inadvertently purchase “lemon” vehicles: vehicles with recurring, unrepairable problems.


All manufacturers have produced lemons. They are regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This agency regulates the recall process, though this process can be complex and difficult.


When the recall process fails, Houston consumers can seek legal redress through both state and federal laws.


Houston consumers are defended by the Texas lemon law, which gives Texan consumers the legal tools they need to get the compensation they deserve. A qualified Houston lemon law attorney can use these tools to help you navigate the often complex legal system.


What Texas laws can help me with my lemon vehicle?

The Texas lemon law protects vehicle consumers, which applies to motor vehicles with two or more wheels intended to transport persons or property on public highways.


The Texas lemon law applies to new vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, motor homes, TRVs and neighborhood electric vehicles. The Texas lemon law does not cover used or repossessed vehicles, non-travel trailers, boats, or farming equipment.


Defects covered by the Texas lemon law must “substantially impair the use or market value of the vehicle,” such as faulty safety systems or a malfunctioning transmission. Small problems, such as a painting mistake or radio problem, don’t count.


For more information on lemon law, read our lemon law FAQs


The Texas lemon law states a vehicle can be declared a lemon if it has a “serious defect or abnormal condition”  the manufacturer’s written warranty covers that is reported to the dealer or manufacturer within the warranty term. The owner must give the dealer or manufacturer a “reasonable number of attempts” to repair the problem, and the owner must give the manufacturer written notice of the defect and at least one opportunity for repair after notification.


How can an attorney help me with my Houston lemon car?

Lemon law attorney Andrew Ross with Allen Stewart, PC said the lemon law process of seeking redress through the courts can be incredibly difficult and complicated.


“The legal system is just complicated,” Ross said. “It’s not designed to be user friendly. Without being an attorney, I think it’s nearly impossible to fully know what you have to do.”


Ross said he rarely sees breach of warranty cases end to a consumer’s satisfaction without qualified legal representation.


“Most of the time if car owners are contacting the manufacturer, the manufacturer will blow them off,” Ross said. “Normally it takes an attorney representing the consumer to send a serious letter to the manufacturer to get their attention and start to negotiate settlement, and if that is unsuccessful, proceed to trial.”


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