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We handle cases across the United States. Allen Stewart is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona.

Lemon Law Success Stories 

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American consumers purchase millions of vehicles every year, with Consumer Affairs writing Americans purchased 52.2 million vehicles in 2022 alone. Sadly, many of these vehicles end up containing repeating, unfixable defects making them “lemons.” The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates 150,000 of these “lemon” vehicles make their way into consumers’ hands every year, costing them serious cash in terms of lost wages, alternate transportation costs, towing and other expenses.

Every manufacturer has built lemons, both domestic and foreign. From Ford to General Motors, Honda to Hyundai, Audi to Volkswagen, all have made lemons. What makes a car a lemon can vary from minor paint job problems to major issues with the vehicle’s engine or safety systems. These can be caused by substandard materials used in the vehicle’s manufacture, design flaws, or even simple human error at the factory. When it comes to lemon law claims, what caused the defect doesn’t matter – the manufacturer must compensate the consumer and make them whole.

The lemon law attorneys at Allen Stewart P.C. have a long history of representing their clients and guiding their lemon law claims to successful resolutions. Many ASPC clients left positive reviews about their experiences with the firm, emphasizing the firm’s responsiveness and transparency.

“From the start of the consultation to the moment I received my settlement, the team at Allen Stewart was nothing short of talented, transparent and and stellar,” said Gregory T. “They were confident in my case from start to finish and I can’t be any more satisfied with the results. If you’re considering hiring this firm, it can’t hurt to speak to an honest and prestigious team of attorneys to get the answers you need.”

Jeremy C. said his case was delayed several times because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Allen Stewart P.C.’s team stuck with him throughout the entire time.

“At no point during that process did we have any concerns that they weren’t working towards our best interest,” Jeremy said. “They were prompt with communication and always happy to update my wife and I on the status of the process. And we appreciate the thoroughness in their work. I would definitely recommend the group at Allen Stewart.”

For more information on arbitration and other frequently asked lemon law questions, click here.

One client who left their review as “A H.K” said they purchased a brand new 2018 Jeep Cherokee that kept breaking down, losing oil and shutting down unexpectedly. When “the final straw” came, “A H.K” contacted the attorneys at Allen Stewart P.C. They said ASPC’s great communication, honesty and excellent guidance helped get them a “top dollar settlement.”

“I walked away with enough to get me out from under my Jeep and into something more reliable,” they said. “I foisted my old lemon right back onto the dealer and never looked back. Thank you Mr. Stewart!”

Ben W. wrote he and his wife thought it would be a “waste of time” but following a few phone calls and emails, the lemon law attorneys of Allen Stewart P.C. were able to settle their breach of warranty claim – while paying nothing out of pocket.

“Only took about 90 days, start to finish, a communication was always open and results from our point of view were fantastic,” Ben wrote. “Can’t recommend this firm highly enough for lemon law and warranty breach claims.”

Lemon law attorneys often tell potential clients the sooner they start the process, the better their chances of success are. There are many reasons for this, foremost being that lemon law claims are subject to state statutes of limitations. Each state law allows consumers only a specific amount of time to file potential claims before statutes of limitations prevent them from doing so. The sooner a consumer reaches out to a qualified lemon law attorney about their claim, the better their chances of getting the best possible outcome for their claim.

Clients paying nothing out of pocket is a key factor in both state lemon laws and the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The Act states if a consumer wins their lemon law claim, the manufacturer must pay for the consumer’s attorney fees.

Allen Stewart, attorney and owner of Allen Stewart P.C., says a consumer with an attorney in their corner has an advocate throughout the claims process and has someone working for them who has their best interests at heart.

“A consumer with a lawyer has someone who knows when they’re being bamboozled,” Stewart said. “Someone who knows when what that company just said isn’t the law, or the truth, or equitable. The consumer with the lawyer has an advocate that has seen many other people in like circumstances and knows what the appropriate standard of care and compensation should be.”

Andrew Ross, a lemon law attorney with Allen Stewart P.C., said attorneys know best how to deal with each manufacturer’s differences, pace and methods with respect to how they approach lemon law claims. Someone representing themselves would lack that knowledge and knowledge on the vagaries of lemon law including requirements and deadlines.

“If you’re missing some of those things, or if you don’t follow certain rules, your claim can be completely tossed out,” Ross said. “You run the risk of having your case thrown out or getting a judgement that prevents you from trying to present your case again.”

Lemon laws are confusing. Read our guide to the lemon law complaint process.

Ross said used car consumers are, sadly, out of luck in most states if they hope for a successful lemon law claim.

“If a consumer is hoping to force the manufacturer to repurchase or replace their used vehicle, the Texas Lemon Law is not going to help the consumer achieve their goal,” Ross said. “The only relief that may be afforded is that the consumer may be able to force the manufacturer to repair the problems experienced in the vehicle.”

Used cars are excluded by most state lemon laws, as lemon laws rely upon the original manufacturer’s warranty to form the basis of their protections. Most used cars are resold long after their original warranty expires. Some states, including New York, have specific lemon law protections for used vehicles – but not most.

The lemon law lawyers of Allen Stewart P.C. have combined decades of experience representing clients when manufacturers fail to uphold their end of their written warranties, and they have the positive reviews to prove it. The sooner you reach out to Allen Stewart P.C., the better your chances of getting the best outcome possible. Don’t wait; contact Allen Stewart P.C. today.

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