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Ohio Attorney General Sues Dealers Over Title Trouble

Car Dealerships Didn’t Get Consumers Titles Long After Vehicle Sales

Two Clermont County, Ohio car dealers are under fire for allegedly failing to deliver titles to their consumers.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed lawsuits on Oct. 2, 2017 against AutoExpress of Cincinnati and its operator Lonny D. Donnerberg, as well as BDS Auto Sale and Service operated by Brandon Doughman.

The lawsuit against Donnerberg and Doughman, of Amelia and Batavia respectively, seeks reimbursement for the Title Defect Rescission Fund. The fund reimburses consumers who experience title problems after buying a vehicle from a dealership.

The lawsuits also seek to prevent Doughman or Donnerberg from obtaining car dealer or salesperson licenses in the future.

The AutoExpress of Cincinnati lawsuit states the dealer went out of business and left dozens of consumers without titles for the vehicles they purchased. The lawsuit against BDS Auto Sale and Service states Doughman failed to provide consumers with titles, though that business remains open. The Attorney General’s office stated they are still receiving complaints about the company.

Between both companies the Title Defect Rescission Fund has paid more than $56,500 in claims resolving the consumers’ issues.

DeWine previously filed a similar suit on August 31, 2017 against now-defunct Akron car dealer Price is Right Auto Sales LLC and its operator Frederick Hill. The lawsuit states consumers filed complaints against Hill’s dealership when they did not receive their vehicle titles within the 40 days required by law. The Title Defect Rescission Fund paid more than $9,700 to resolve those customers’ issues.

That lawsuit also seeks to bar Hill from receiving a used car dealer or salesperson license in the future.

The lawsuits accuse the dealers of violating Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act and Certificate of Motor Vehicle Title Act.

No information was given as to why the dealerships named in the lawsuits failed to supply titles on time.

DeWine’s office has filed several such lawsuits over the past seven years. On August 30, 2016 he filed a lawsuit against Reinthaler’s Auto Village Inc. and its owner Joseph Reinthaler for failing to deliver titles in a timely manner.

The Title Defect Rescission Fund paid out approximately $180,000 to remedy Reinthaler’s Auto Village complaints.

“We have an obligation to protect consumers and to enforce the law,” Attorney General DeWine said. “In this case, we helped resolve consumers’ complaints, and now we’re seeking restitution.”

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