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Viral ‘Polaxi’ Photo Confuses Social Media

A photo of a Houston Police Department SUV partially disguised as a taxi cab shook social media on March 3, 2018.

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Users on Twitter and Facebook were confused as to the purpose of the potentially deceptive paintjob, taking the photo viral as they wondered if the vehicle was a tactic to trick intoxicated people.

Twitter user “Bennie_CE” asked the vehicle was a “low-key way to charge suspects for the ride to the station.”

Another Twitter user, “tempomonk,” said “I feel like this is entrapment, but I’m no scientist.”

Eventually, the Houston Police Department took to their own Twitter account to dispel the mystery surrounding the SUV.

“This vehicle is a part of our ‘Choose Your Ride’ campaign and we take it to events to remind people about the dangers of drinking and driving,” HPD wrote on their Twitter account on March 5. “This vehicle is not used in patrol or as a taxi; Thank you for noticing and helping to spread awareness about intoxicated driving!”

Several other police departments across Texas and the United States have used similar tactics to help raise awareness of drunk driving’s consequences. The Los Angeles Times reported about the Los Angeles Police Department’s “Choose Your Ride” campaign, amidst falling police staffing numbers following the 2008 recession.

“A lack of enforcement is going to lead to an increased number of … alcohol-involved fatalities,” said LAPD Sgt. Dave Dereszynski, who is in charge of the department’s DUI enforcement.

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