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Tennessee Mom Using Video to Deter Bus Crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that around 134 people are killed each year in accidents involving school related vehicles, and one Tennessee mom is working hard to make sure that students on her child’s bus are not statistics.

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Of those 134 people, only eight percent are riding the school bus. However, the fear remains that children riding a school bus will be hit by drivers who do not respect the signs and warning lights that a bus is stopped to drop off or pick up a child.

Tennessee mother Ellie Whitesell grew frustrated with the number of vehicles that pass her child’s school bus illegally. As a result, she began recording the transgressors and posting the videos to social media. She has posted several videos of people who fail to stop for the warning lights and sign, which is a crime that can lead to charges.

The bus in question transports children to West Valley Middle School in Knoxville. The bus is operated by JLL Transport, whose owner John Llewellyn says the company has 330 buses on the road every day, and there are incidents involving illegal passing with a number of those during each day’s transport activity.

Whitesell says that the issue occurs so often with her children’s bus that it is almost daily. She is concerned for the safety of her child and also others on the bus.

The local sheriff’s office released a report stating that they do what they can to alleviate the problem once they are made aware of an issue like this regarding school bus safety.

The release also stated that education is the best way to reach people and ensure they obey the stop signs and other indicators used by a school bus. For drivers who encounter a school bus, the recommendation is to remain aware of their surroundings and to avoid looking at a cell phone or being otherwise distracted.

The NHTSA advises the following when it comes to school bus safety: first, make sure children never walk behind the bus. Next, make sure your child crosses at least 10 feet in front of the bus both when getting on the bus and getting off the bus later in the day. Also, it is important to remember the bus stop is not a place to play.

Drivers of school buses are encouraged to always be on the lookout for children who may not be paying attention to traffic as they should, be alert at all times and be up-to-date on all laws related to school buses in the state where they drive.

For drivers of passenger vehicles, it is important to remember that failure to follow warning lights and stop signs used by a school bus can lead to charges and even injury or death to an innocent student

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