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Tennessee Cars Focus of Burglaries in Brentwood

In a span of 24 hours, the city of Brentwood was the location of burglaries of seven cars and one break-in at a business. The issues occurred February 28, 2018, with the cars burglarized located at the Brentwood Pointe Apartments.

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Police are looking for a white Nissan that was involved in the thefts from the vehicles, as the occupants were spotted and police chased the car in an attempt to stop the thieves. The chase was called off while the suspects were on Old Hickory Boulevard, near I-65. This is where the potential connection with the business break-in comes into play.

The business that reported a break-in was Sun Tan City on Hickory Boulevard near I-65. The owners were unable to report whether anything was stolen at the time the break-in was reported.

Brentwood is considered one of the safest cities in the state of Tennessee, if not the safest city. Therefore, the break-ins are unexpected and unwelcome to citizens that prize their safety and do not wish to see things take a turn for the worse in their city.

The police typically provide access to their crime data through the website, At the time of these incidents, information was temporarily unavailable because the department was switching systems in regard to their records.

Brentwood was also the location for an incident where a woman’s car was hit from behind and she was robbed of her purse as a result. Police say the woman was traveling east near the Belle River Drive and Granny White Pike when a dark colored car struck her vehicle from behind. When she got out to check the damage, two men approached her, showed a gun and demanded her purse. When she gave it to them, they returned to the dark colored vehicle and fled. No suspects have been named in the case.

Cars have been the focus of burglaries in nearby towns as well. In early February, a man in Nolensville was arrested on accusation he had committed nearly 20 car burglaries. Tyler Decamp was arrested on February 9, 2018 for 20 robberies that occurred two weeks prior in the Ballenger Drive subdivision. Police say that Decamp was caught on camera while committing the burglaries. As a result, his home had been under surveillance for two weeks in the hopes of catching him returning. February 9th was the day he deemed safe enough to return home, and he was captured.

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