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Takata Airbag Recall Big Concern for Louisiana

The biggest recall in US history just keeps getting bigger as Louisiana resident risk their lives to drive a vehicle with a faulty air bag that has yet to be recalled.

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So far, almost 50 million vehicles have been recalled due to the Takata airbag inflator that can deteriorate and explode, sending shrapnel through the vehicle.

For residents of high humidity areas like Louisiana, the danger is higher because the humidity makes the inflator deteriorate at a faster rate. With more than 20 million vehicles waiting in the wings for a recall, some of those inflators remain within vehicles in the state of Louisiana.

In order to make sure you are aware of a recall for your vehicle, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Consumer Reports recommend visiting the NHTSA website and putting in your VIN when asked. For those who have an active recall, call the dealership to arrange to have the airbag replaced.

It is also important to recognize the potential danger in continuing to drive with the faulty airbag in place, as the airbag can unexpectedly deploy and cause serious injury or death.

Certain Ford and Mazda models, for example, should not be driven at all. Specifically, the auto makers recommend that all Ford Rangers and Mazda B-Series vehicles be towed to the garage to have the airbag replaced as soon as possible.

Honda and Acura models that were manufactured and sold in 2002 and 2003 also should be handled with care, as the airbags in these vehicles are highly volatile and more likely to explode in a crash and cause greater injury to those in the vehicle.

So far, the airbags have caused 15 deaths and numerous injuries. The recall began as a movement to replace faulty inflators with another Takata version. However, it was found that the method of manufacture for these products leads to danger of explosion and related shrapnel. Therefore, a second recall was released for some models and a new release for countless other models, requiring the free replacement of these airbags to provide a higher level of safety for drivers. The recall spans two dozen makes of vehicles.

For those who continue to drive the vehicles despite awareness of a recall, legal recourse will not be an option. However, the important thing to consider is the increased danger to yourself and passengers when you transport people using this vehicle with a highly unreliable airbag.

Lemon law attorneys help their clients by dealing directly with the manufacturer on the clients’ behalf, working to promptly resolve the issue and get their clients back on the road. Thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, attorneys can seek their fees directly from the manufacturer, meaning a client can obtain legal counsel without having to pay attorneys’ fees directly out of pocket.


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