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Potholes Cause Stress for Tennessee DOT

The side of I-40 was a veritable parking lot on Feb. 11, 2018, as numerous drivers dealt with blowouts after encountering potholes on the highway. Some drivers had all four tires effected as they ran into a continuous grouping of the potholes, making avoidance of the treacherous road hazards impossible.

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A continual pattern of warming and cooling in the area’s weather, leading to melted snow and rain and temperature changes for the roadway have all contributed to the drastic change in the surface of the road and the increasingly dangerous potholes.

Repairs can cost up to and over $300, with most of that coming from the pocket of the affected motorist. These potholes are so dangerous that they can affect even tires that are designated blowout-proof.

It is important to remain alert at all times on the roadway. While the potholes can appear unexpectedly, watching the vehicles ahead and near can make a difference in reaction time and ability for drivers. Meanwhile, it is also key to keep the appropriate following distance for speed and weather conditions, ensuring the ability to react appropriately when a vehicle in the vicinity encounters a big pothole. The encounter can lead to highly unpredictable reactions and vehicle maneuvers.

Make sure all tires are in good repair and have appropriate tread levels. It is also important to keep the appropriate amount of air in each tire. This can be determined by reading the vehicle’s manual or checking the sticker in the driver’s side door well.

In the event a pothole is seen and is already unavoidable, drivers are directed to slow down, then release the brakes and straighten the wheel before physical contact with the pothole is made.

According to Pothole Facts, potholes are a nuisance and potentially deadly across the United States. Most of the highways in the US are currently 50 to 70 years old. Considering they are built with the intention of lasting 50 years, it is likely that most highways need a significant amount of attention to repair the roads and protect travelers. The US typically spends $68 billion a year simply to maintain the highways in a semi-drivable state.

Cities on the West Coast considered to have some of the poorest road conditions include Los Angeles and San Francisco, while Boston, Springfield, MA, and New York City top the list for the East Coast. This shows that the pothole problem extends well beyond the state of Tennessee.

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