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New App Helps Indiana Drivers Stay Safe

The Indiana State Police, along with the Indiana Management and Performance Hub have joined forces to create an innovative tool designed to reduce crashes across the state.

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The updated version of the Crash Risk Map, an app, originally released nearly two years ago, is an interactive map that allows users to choose a three-hour time window to find locations where crashes are more likely to occur.

Nearly 1,000 people are killed each year on Indiana’s highways. According to a 2016 report by An Indiana Traffic Safety Facts publication, crashes in rural areas are more likely to result in fatalities largely due to these circumstances, as crashes are more likely to occur at higher speeds, with fixed objects that increase the force of impact, and because of greater distance and longer travel times to and from the crash site by emergency vehicles.

Drivers can use the map’s zoom-in feature and view prior crash sites to help predict the likelihood of either being involved in a crash or being held up in traffic delays because of a nearby accident. A set of grids indicate the probability of a crash occurring during the selected timeframe within an area using factors such as weather, traffic, road conditions, time of day, historical information and census data.

Blue grids reveal a low-crash risk, yellow grids are medium and red grids are high. A map zoom-in may also reveal a purple triangle alert shown with an exclamation point – these areas have experienced a high-rate of volume for crashes under slick road conditions. It is important for users of the app to realize that red grids do not necessarily mean that a crash is guaranteed to happen. The indicator alerts drivers that if a crash were to occur, the grid marks the likeliest locations, based on many factors, and past data.

Users may also come across red or dark grey dots indicating prior crash sites. Red dots mean an ambulance was called, while grey dots indicate no injuries.

According to the release, ISP hopes Hoosiers will use the new tool to help plan ahead for commuting, running errands or other daily activities.

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