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Maryland Welcomes Cars Old and New for Auto Show

The Baltimore Convention Center was home to a number of notable vehicles during the annual Baltimore Motor Trend Auto Show, held from Feb. 8 to 11, 2018. The highlights of the show included a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador with a V-12 engine, an impressive top 218 MPG and a distinctive visual impact.

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Other vehicles that graced the floor during the auto show included a Shelby CSX 5500 Series Tribute Car with a body shaped by hand over a period of two years and the new automobiles coming off the line of notable automakers like Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, General Motors, Honda, Ford and Chrysler.

Car models still in development were brought to the show, and some lucky visitors got the chance to drive some of the newest models hitting the sales floor for these automakers. A test track was set up for kids to drive mini-cars during the trade show as well.

More than 500 new vehicles showing off the newest innovations in alternative fuel vehicles, as well as cars, trucks, SUVs and Crossovers were on display at the venue. Meanwhile, unique luxury cars were also on display, and some exotic vehicles graced the show as well.

Attendees paid a fee at the gate and were able to stroll through the displays, ask questions and hear about the new and the unique at the show. Meanwhile, the test drives provided an intriguing distraction from the walk and the numerous vehicles to look at throughout the convention center.

Motor Trend is a noted automobile magazine that has been produced since 1949. Petersen Publishing Company of Los Angeles, CA, produces the popular reading material, which is printed with the ever-present tagline of “The Magazine for a Motoring World.”

More than one million readers enjoy the magazine on a monthly basis, allowing the magazine to back such events as the Auto Show held each year at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Trends and innovations in the vehicle world are fluid and progressively changing. The ability to enjoy the innovations through printed media and also a physical event like the auto show improves the understanding of the general population, allowing for informed purchases as well as increased enjoyment of the innovative measures undertaken by automakers the world over.

The variety of auto shows and the activities and presentations on location bring in a varied crowd of visitors, providing a connection for people from all walks of life and economical backgrounds.

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