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Louisiana Police: John Doe Dies in Monroe Crash

An accident after 1 am on February 23, 2018, involved an unidentified pedestrian and an SUV on US 165. According to Louisiana State Police Troop F, an unidentified man was walking along the highway near Dellwood Drive in South Monroe when he was struck by a 2004 GMC Yukon. The Yukon, driven by 29-year-old Willie Davis, was traveling north when he struck the man.

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The pedestrian was walking in the lanes of travel when he was struck. He was transported to a nearby hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Police say the crash is still under investigation. Toxicology samples from both driver and pedestrian were taken and submitted for analysis.

Anyone who may be able to identify the deceased should contact the Louisiana State Patrol, Troop F.

For those traveling on Louisiana highways, it is important to remain vigilant. For pedestrians, it is important to wear light-colored clothing and make sure to stay off the main roadway at night, since oncoming traffic most likely can not see those who are walking until it is too late.

So far in 2018, Troop F reports they have handled eight fatal crashes, with 10 deaths among those accidents.

They also wish to remind local drivers that crashes involving pedestrians can be avoided if the drivers are vigilant and follow the laws related to their area of travel.

Make sure to keep speeds reasonable for the current weather conditions, avoid driving distracted and never get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking illegal narcotics.

Driving in the State of Louisiana requires that the individual behind the wheel obey all laws and regulations. It requires a valid state driver’s license and all vehicle legalities be handled. It also is important for those who walk on state roadways to be aware of the laws, pay attention to their surroundings and not make their presence a challenge to those who travel the same roadways in personal vehicles.

The safety of all state residents depends on the ability to follow laws and apply common sense to any trips that are taken utilizing the state-provided roadways. For anyone with concern or confusion, the Louisiana Department of Transportation website has guidance for regulations and also resources to follow weather patterns and construction projects that may lead to delays during regular transit.

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