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Louisiana Car Insurance Rates to Increase Again

Louisiana drivers already deal with some of the highest rates in the United States, and an announcement on Feb. 20, 2018, let them know that the rates are set to increase yet again.

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In Louisiana, almost one-fifth of the drivers don’t keep current car insurance. Also, almost half of those who do have insurance only carry the bare minimum. This is part of the reason that all drivers in the state, despite having a clean driving record, deal with higher rates than they would in another state.

Another factor that goes against Louisiana residents is the fact that 51-percent of lawsuits are over auto policies. Flooding is also a reason that insurance rates stay high in the state at all times.

Drivers in the state expressed dissatisfaction and frustration when notified of the upcoming change. They stated they already pay too much for car insurance, and they noted that the money they would be saving thanks to changes by the US government would simply be going back out to their car insurance company instead.

The increase in car insurance is happening all over the country, although Louisiana is hit harder due to the many factors local to their area. Countrywide issues include distracted driving and texting while driving, which account for a greater number of accidents and more serious accidents. These changes in recent years have attributed to changes in rates in an attempt to keep up with the funds required to cover accident repairs and other costs.

Low gas prices also lead to changes in auto insurance, since people are more likely to drive often with lower gas prices. This increases the risk for an accident and the likelihood that insurance will come into play.

Louisiana car insurance rates are among the highest in the country, and that distinction won’t be lost based on the upcoming changes.

Drivers are reminded to take precautions to stay safe while driving to avoid needing to put in an insurance claim. Put the phone away and do not text while driving, make sure to maintain a safe following distance at all times and pay attention to the road and other drivers. Distracted driving for reasons other than texting has increased in recent years, which means that drivers are focusing more on the radio or their passengers and less on the roads and events occurring outside the vehicle. This means that accidents also increase.

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