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Kansas City Hits Electric Vehicle Milestone

Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) has reached its milestone of installing 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the city. From grocery stores and parks to shopping malls and hotels, the charging stations are on both sides of the state line.

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The effort kicked off in January 2015. Over the past three years, Kansas City has grown to become the country’s highest-ranked market for electric vehicle demand.

According to KCP&L spokesperson Jeff Beeson, the city has jumped from having less than 100 electric vehicles on the Kansas City roads to more than 5,000 in just three years. He says that having more electric vehicles on the road is a money saver for KCP&L customers.  Often, owners of electric vehicle charge their vehicles overnight, and during the morning hours when they arrive to work. Those are times when the power grid is not peaking. Beeson said increasing usage on the grid during non-peak hours makes the grid more efficient, costing KCP&L less to maintain. Those savings are passed on to KCP&L customers in their electric bills.

When KCP&L initially installed the charging stations, it covered the costs for drivers to charge their cars. Now it’s up to the host site to decide whether it will pay for the charge or request payments from the drivers.

It is projected that the world will top 300 million electric vehicles by 2040, according to the International Energy Agency. UPS announced recently, a partnership with Workhorse, an American technology company and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of battery-electric, range-extended vehicles for the commercial transportation sector, and manufacturer of package delivery drones, to build at least 35,000 electric vans for its delivery fleet, now that it’s more convenient and easier to charge them.

In terms of transportation, a third of the world’s primary energy is petroleum, which is 95% gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Oil is not used very much to produce power or electricity outside of a few countries like Saudi Arabia, so changing electricity generation from fossil to non-fossil doesn’t impact oil tremendously.

There should be at least a 90% use of electric vehicles by 2040 to make any real impression in our transportation emissions; and 300 million electric vehicles will not be impactful.

Although the U.S. is not one of them, many countries are committed to banning internal combustion engines altogether, including England, Germany, France, Norway and China.

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