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Insurer Claims Bus Company Involved in Student Death Lied

KXAN reports the company insuring the bus that dragged and killed a Texas State University student in 2016 claims the bus company lied to them to both gain and keep insurance.

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The Manufacturers Alliance Insurance Company (MAICO) filed suit against bus company B&B Transportation on Jan. 5, 2018. MAICO alleges in the 26-page lawsuit B&B Transportation denied it operates party buses when applying for insurance. They claim B&B even mislead inspectors to inspect another bus “because it knew that flags would be raised if the 2277 bus with ‘Skyline Party Bus’ signage was inspected for B&B.”

Police found 20-year-old Jordin Taylor’s body under bus 2277 on Oct. 30, 2016 at Cool River Ranch, five miles southeast of downtown San Marcos.

B&B allegedly denied in its application having any ownership interest in any other public transporation company. However, MAICO alleges in the suit B&B manager Brandon Burleson owns and operates at least two other public transportation companies: Skyline Party Bus and San Marcos Tours.

“Having an ownership in more than on public transportation company increases the potential for liability in several ways. For example, it increases the potential for a vehicle to be placed on the wrong transportation company’s vehicle schedule,” reads the lawsuit.

MAICO stated if they knew everything about Burleson’s company, they would have not insured B&B. Burleson declined to comment and referred KXAN to his lawyer, who did not respond.

Jordin Taylor’s father filed a lawsuit against B&B Transportation as well as against several university-affiliated fraternities and sororities in April 2017.

“We’re not supposed to lose our children before we go, our children are supposed to survive us,” said Taylor family attorney Jim Ross. “Insurance or not, we’re still looking for some type of remedy for the harm they caused this family and the death of Jordin Taylor. We don’t have the ability to lock anybody up, we don’t have the ability to put them in jail, and we don’t have the ability to get any other type of damages from them. So our only remedy right now to hold them accountable is monetary damages.”

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