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Indiana Lawmakers Put Brakes on Car Subscription

Automotive subscription is simply paying a car manufacturer a flat fee every month for the opportunity to drive a new car every 30 days. Automakers proudly call it a money-saver, but dealerships worry it could be a disaster, causing many to lose their job if this trend emerges into a new way of car-buying.

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Automakers such as Hyundai, Volvo and Cadillac have joined the bandwagon into this new trend with rates as low as $275 per month, and up to $1800 per month.

So what exactly is Vehicle Subscription?

Similar to a lease, you don’t actually own the car with a subscription. Drivers get the use of a car for an all-inclusive monthly fee. Typically, the fees cover insurance, roadside assistance and maintenance. Some car subscription programs offer a key feature is your ability to trade in and out of different cars with only a few days’ notice. For some, this type service is a win-win, especially if it fits within their budget.

According to Edmunds, an online guide for vehicle data, each car subscription service has its own variations with some being modeled after long-term rentals, allowing you to change cars weekly or monthly; and some are closely related to leasing, but for shorter periods and, typically, with used cars.  Many of the services aimed at the luxury market, in which convenience and pampering are key features.
Although not available nationwide, other major regions have gained success, including Cadillac’s car subscription service, Book by Cadillac, in Dallas, New York and Southern California regions. Ford’s auto subscription service, Canvas, operates in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Porsche’s car subscription service, Porsche Passport, is available in Atlanta.

The Indiana Automobile Dealers Association said dealers are observing the trend, showing much concern over where the role of Indiana auto dealers stands.

“Where do the 25,000 folks employed by 432 auto dealers fit in that equation? We want to make sure they do fit. We want to make sure there’s a local connection,” said Matt Bell with the Indiana Automobile Dealers Association

State Rep. Ed Soliday has authored a bill in the Indiana House, which would allow lawmakers to put the brakes on those services moving their way to Indiana.

With no hearing date established, the bill is assigned to an Indiana Senate committee.

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