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Energy Executives Talk Electric Vehicles in Houston

2015 Downtown January West Side Houston

Several American electric utilities recently met in Houston to ponder the coming electric vehicle future.

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Ryan Maye Handy of the Houston Chronicle wrote energy company executives discussed embracing electrical vehicles, and how car charging station proliferation will affect power demand.

Energy industry think tank HIS Markit held the energy summit CERAWeek in Houston, during which electric cars emerged as a unifying concern for oil and gas industry executives.

CEOs from BP, General Motors and energy utilities from California, Texas and New Mexico discussed the spread of electric vehicles, though each side didn’t agree on how fast that spread would occur.

James Calaway, CEO of lithium battery company Calaway Interests, said electric vehicle proliferation is coming – and soon.

“There is a major disruption coming and everyone needs to plan for this in the automotive sector,” Calaway said. “”By 2030, one should expect disruption, full-blown disruption.”

General Motors CEO Mary Barra agreed, saying the world is already in the “midst of a transportation revolution.”

California may lead the country in electric cars on the road, but Texas utilities Oncor and CenterPoint Energy are preparing for an electric car boom in their state and how it will affect their infrastructure.

“What will happen, as states like California begin to use new technology, these technologies will find an economic story in Texas and they will begin to be adopted,” said Scott Prochazka, the CEO of Houston’s CenterPoint Energy. “The role of the electric grid here in Texas is really to be an enabler for customers to make decisions that they want to pursue.”

Don Clevenger, senior vice president of strategic planning for Oncor, said he hopes oil and gas companies will support electric vehicles’ spread into Texas.

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