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Drugs, Speed Involved in Deadly Annapolis Crash

A multi-vehicle accident in Annapolis on March 11, 2018, resulted in the death of one woman and injuries to numerous other people involved.

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Reports say that 81-year-old Laurel Zeiler was driving a Toyota Camry that was sideswiped in the accident. Zeiler was transported to the hospital and died of her injuries.

The accident happened at 2 pm in the 300 block of Buschs Frontage Road. Police say a Ford Taurus traveling eastbound was speeding and crossed the centerline, sideswiping Zeiler’s vehicle and hit a Ford F-150.

Passengers in the speeding Taurus were taken to the hospital for treatment of shock. Meanwhile, passengers in the other cars were transported to the hospital for treatment as well. Their conditions are unknown.

It was later determined that 27-year-old Christopher Dillehunt was the driver of the Ford Taurus. Police say he is under investigation for the use of heroin prior to getting behind the wheel.

Hillehunt and a 24-year-old passenger in his vehicle, Tammy Lawson, were critically injured in the crash.

Witnesses at the scene report that all the vehicles involved were seriously damaged. They also expressed disbelief that anyone managed to live who was traveling in the Taurus.

Heroin use in Maryland is a serious issue. In 2016, according to the Maryland Department of Health, over 1,500 deaths occurred due to an overdose on Heroin. Overdoses remain a greater contributor to fatalities in the state than driving while under the influence.

A crash in 2016 on Valentine’s Day led to a prison sentence for the driver, who was on heroin at the time of accident. Lauren Renee Scott, age 28, was sentenced to eight years in prison after she pled guilty for the accident that killed a newlywed couple, Daniel and Kayla Amos. Scott will also be on probation for five years following her release from prison.

Daniel and Kayla Amos were out celebrating the six-month mark of their marriage when Scott’s car crossed the median and struck their car head-on. Daniel died at the scene, while Kayla succumbed to her injuries at the hospital the next day.

Heroin use has climbed in the state in recent years, leading to calls for penalties and greater consequences for the illegal use of the narcotic and better rehabilitation to try to help those who are addicted to the drug. The drug is dangerous both to the user, who can overdose unexpectedly at any time, and to any innocent bystanders who happen to be on the road with the heroin user when they get behind the wheel.

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