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DFW Man Posts Apology Video after Traffic Snarl

A North Texas man found an unconventional way to make amends for making traffic worse recently.

CBS 11 reported Jeffrey Powell was on his way to work, heading north on Interstate 35E near the American Airlines Center when disaster struck.

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“Oh this idiot probably ran out of gas or he didn’t get his car serviced when he should have. It’s horrible,” said Powell. “You feel pathetic and you feel helpless.”

Powell’s vehicle died in the middle of the interstate, backing up traffic during one of the busiest times of the day.

“I just tried to be as invisible as I could. Kind of shrink into the car and hope that the windows are tinted enough to hide you,” said Powell.

Powell edited together dashcam footage and posted it to Reddit, where he went into greater detail on why his car malfunctioned.

“So the fuse for the fuel injectors blew, which means I need to replace the fuse,” he said. “Problem for me was that I didn’t have any spare fuses. My solution, find another system which isn’t as important and uses the same current rating. Luckily for me, my horn uses the same fuse as the fuel injector so I was able to steal that fuse until I could get to the hardware store and purchase a kit of replacement fuses.”

Powell’s post gathered hundreds of comments on Reddit as well as the attention of local news outlets.

“I want to put some positive energy out there. Try to turn it into an apology and a thank you video,” said Powell.

He hopes Dallas drivers realize car problems can affect anyone, and that patience and understanding can help make a bad situation easier. He also wanted to thank the courtesy patrol employee who helped him get off the interstate, out of danger and even helped him get his car moving again.

“It’s not maybe necessary but it definitely made me feel better,” Powell said.

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